Keanu Enters the Matrix, A Fast and Furious Reunion, and Winona Ryder is the Only Veronica – Thirty Twenty Ten: Mar 29-Apr 4

Lady Gaga debuts her poker face while TLC comes out against scrubs, The Matrix roots itself permanently in 1999, Heathers becomes the most underrated movie of the 1980s, the family is back for a fourth Fast, Sinbad becomes an early ally, terrible Disney music, March Madness across the decades, and the absolute worst Oscars telecast of all-time! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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20 thoughts on “Keanu Enters the Matrix, A Fast and Furious Reunion, and Winona Ryder is the Only Veronica – Thirty Twenty Ten: Mar 29-Apr 4

  1. When I think back to 1985-86 or so and my feelings on VH1, it’s that it was the channel that played Steve Winwood solo videos.

  2. I was ALL in on VH-1, almost immediately. Part of this was that my town’s blue-haired Baptists had gotten MTV kicked off of our cable system, and part was that when I was 13 I was much more into Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins than I was Nirvana. I knew my peers thought I was ridiculous and uncool, and I was the kind of kid who wore that as a badge of honor. I probably watched it every day until I went off to college and got heavily into noodly prog that neither MTV nor VH-1 would touch with a three-necked guitar.

  3. Im surprised that no one mentioned Bill Cosbys association with A Different world during the discussion of the No means no rape episode.

  4. I’m back again for another AYAOTD recap and once again we’re covering an episode I’m not a big fan of: The Tale of the Wisdom Glass. The episode follows a rich kid shopping in a video game store when the owner harassed a poor kid who can’t afford games and when the rich kid sticks up for him they both get kicked out. When the rich kid leaves, he accidentally steals a game called the wisdom game. The poor kid registers them for a live tournament and when they arrive, they’re put on trial for theft of wisdom. It’s a really bad and somewhat dated episode, and I have a personal reason for hating it. The episode has a ‘message’ about how you stick up for your friends and you shouldn’t sell them out. It reminds me of On the Waterfront which has a message baked in by its director Elia Kazan and it just leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Thank goodness next week we have a really good episode to look forward to. See y’all then!

  5. Chris, No Pigeons was always the term planned to be used. Pigeon is a play on the word bird, which is a common slang term in Hip-Hop to refer to women. Alternatively, it’s also for pigeon toe, which implies the women who wear those type of shoes.

  6. What do you mean Hug Hefner’s Reign of Terror. I don’t remember him being a crime lord or a terrorist. Just a man who loved beautiful women.

  7. I close my eyes, and I only see my accordion shaped closet door, my dumbass modem, my closed computer, on my messy desk. I also see the chair I’m sitting in, the one at the computer desk with the busted left arm.

    I open my eyes, and I haven’t even noticed my bedroom window, nor the bed. I need to get out of this place and get some exercise, like jogging. I’m too fat. But I have noticed a new ad on my pc screen: LOSE BELLY FAT. I like read this ad, and I actually saw my self a smaller size in my imagination.

    I’d like to share what I saw :
    Y’all let me know what you think.

  8. I’m currently working at a small, arthouse adjacent theatre, and the comments on Rain Man’s longevity made me groan. This isn’t a comment on Rain Man itself, but the uniqely depressing parallel to my current life.

    Just after this last Christmas, our theatre got a little film with some Golden Globe nominations and Oscar buzz called Green Book. It was a surprise hit out of the gate, being one of our most popular films of the year. And we are still playing it 13 weeks later. Imagine working at a cinema where the day is alternating presentations of Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book. Yeah. When it managed to win the big prize, my rage was furious and unending, as well as flaccidly impotent (like the president HEY-YO).

    So while you Florida Elites are able to forget your troubles and prance around in your fanboats and speedboats and houseboats and other kind of watercrafts, us simpletons will forever have to carry the national tragedy that was Green Book.

    1. >>And we are still playing it 13 weeks later. Imagine working at a cinema where the day is alternating presentations of Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book. Yeah. <<

      That's crazy considering that its been on DVD for nearly a month.

  9. Heathers I watched years ago before it left Netflix. I really like it. The dark humor I got a kick out of and the cast was charming. Though it’s weird seeing it on Shudder now because it’s not really a Horror film.

    The Matrix I did see as well. Been a while but I do think it got more attention than Dark City because of better marketing and the presentation. You got to admit, the martial arts stuff and the existential aspects can be very appealing. And I also understand how it can be seen as a trans person narrative. Though fun fact, Sandra Bullock was offered the role of Neo but turned it down since she didn’t think it’d be the type of film she’d want to make st the time.

    After seeing it though, she admit she regrets turning it down.

    Like Chris though, I would definitely watch it on the grave of 10 Things I Hate About You due to it being based on a sexist play by Shakespeare that may as well be an MRA playbook. Because I am that petty to The Taming of the Shrew. Slappy Squirrel levels of petty to be specific.

    Adventureland I have seen and really dug. Like Heathers, saw it on Netflix before it left and I was impressed by its honesty. I understand it was based on the teen years of the director so I definitely got an accurate vibe. And it didn’t even try slut shaming or sexist tropes. And I dare say, the best performance by Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Funny things about it in a meta level. First time I tweeted about my praise of the film, I was surprised I got like 50 retweets that I was convinced Adventureland spoke to a lot of people. And my friend Sam worked at a water park and he saw the film, he related to it.

  10. in hindsight the Boat that Rocked is not a comfortable movie to watch. Look it up. Everyone involved distances themselves from it.

  11. Full transparency I’m a massive Russell Brand fan. I watched the whole thing unfold, it was mean and out of order; but it was a lot less malicious than people made it out to be. It started on Russell’s 9pm BBC radio show with Russell calling Andrew Sachs for a phone interview but Mr Sachs didn’t pickup. On the answerphone Russell left a silly message. He then left a second message apologising for the first, and if I remember correctly a third to say sorry for the second. At some point Russell did say on an answer phone, ‘I slept with your grand daughter’. It was pure sit-com stuff with each message digging the hole worse and worse. Jonathan Ross was only there by accident after walking pass the studio. The two egged each other on like silly school boys.

    The thing is as bad as it was only a few people heard it and complained. Then when it blew up thousands claimed second hand offence. Key among those whipping it up was the anti-BBC newspapers (some owned by Rupert Murdoch). Another problem came when people found out the show was pre-recorded and was signed off up the BBC ranks. Eventually Russell resigned, and Ross was suspended from all BBC work for 6 months. Overall it was a lot of fuss over not much.

    1. Yeah your right. I remember hearing the call by chance when it first aired. It was actually Ross that shouted “He fucked your granddaughter!” in the background while Brand was leaving a message. From there they got carried away and kept making jokes based off of what Ross had said and while calling his answer phone and leaving more stupid messages .

  12. Heathers is free to watch if you have amazon prime right now!

    Here’s the 11 minutes of horror: I feel like if they pulled this crap today it would turn into a meme and the Snow White lady would internet famous for a week. She would also be on stupid ass Dancing With the Stars.

    Oh! the Monica interview! I remember women wanting that lipstick Monica was wearing during the interview, Glaze by a discontinued brand, Club Monaco.

    I’m so mad that the video someone made years ago of The Office clips + Poker Face (with big emphasis on Kevin saying ‘poker face’) isn’t on YouTube anymore.

  13. The discussion about The Matrix was fascinating, and forces me to re-examine my stance. I remember loving the flick, but now I feel I need to rewatch it to see if my tastes have evolved past it or if I’m still fond of it. I have tremendous respect for Diana’s film opinions, so I’m eager to view the movie through this new lens.

  14. I don’t know why people can be so stubborn refusing to suspend disbelief when it comes to SciFi. A friend of mine will sit there picking every sci fi movie apart to the point where no one can enjoy the movie, but will have no problem gleefully sitting there watching Nightmare on Elm Street or Harry Potter.

  15. VHI. “The Generation that dropped acid is now the generation that takes antacid.” What really hits home for me is that I’m more-or-less the same age my parents were when they listened to that in 1989. Is there any GenX equivalent of VH1 today? I know there are plenty of podcasts directed at Gen X with a laser like focus, but anything as big as VH1 was in 1989 that is tailored to Gen X the way it was for the boomers?
    The Case of the Hillside Strangler. It’s not your imagination; Statistically speaking serial killers are significantly less common today than they were in the 1980’s. What is also really interesting is that it appears that the increase of serial killers is yet one more thing we can blame on the Baby Boomers! Yay! See, very few people are serial killers before they are older than 15 and very few become serial killers after they turn 40. And if you look at page 2 of this paper ( it shows how the very dramatic rise and then the very dramatic fall of serial killers in America is a 1 to 1 match up with when the Baby Boomers were in that age range. For whatever reasons, people of the Baby Boom generation had a significantly larger number of serial killers than the generations that preceded them and the generations that succeeded them. Why? No idea! It would make a hell of a thesis though.

    No Scrubs is a rare example of what I like to call a Definition Song.
    Q: What is a scrub?
    A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly
    Q: Is there a synonym for it?
    And is also known as a busta (busta)
    Q: What does a scrub do?
    Always talkin’ about what he wants
    And just sits on his broke ass
    Even if you had never heard the expression of “scrub” before the song, you are given a clear and (repeated) definition of the word throughout the song. Any other songs do that?
    20 years ago I watched The Matrix for the very first time and it was one of the most memorable movie going experiences of my entire life. I was pledging my fraternity at the time and was heavily in the University Bubble where if it wasn’t going on on-campus, I just didn’t know much about it. For whatever reasons I somehow managed to avoid watching a single commercial or trailer for The Matrix preview and I hadn’t even heard of the film until my friends talked me into watching it with them. And that film blew my fricken mind. I doubt any film could have that impact on me today because in 1999 I was in the most absolute perfect demographic position to love that film. First off, I was 20 years old when it came out (which means I’m 40 now because that’s how math works, dammit) and I can’t think of a better age to watch that movie than being 20. First the film had action scenes that got my 20 year old body so pumped that afterwards I tried to flying kick a tree. I was also just learning a few basic philosophical concepts but on a super super superficial level which made encountering them in the film that much cooler (I don’t think I had ever heard of even Descartes Evil Demon for example so the metaphysics of The Matrix hit like a sledgehammer on my Sophomore mind). But what I will always remember is going into it with zero idea of what the plot was going to be or who the characters were or anything. For example, at the start of the Matrix I watched this black clad lady killing cop after cop. So I naturally thought, “Ah, she’s the villain of film because she is killing cop after cop!” So when Neo met up with her I was screaming at him to run away and not to trust her. And then when it turns out she was the good guy? Yea, total shock to me. That experience in going in blind is why I try to learn as little about movies as possible because not even hearing the name “The Matrix” before I saw it made watching it a memory I’ll never forget.

    Adventureland. I saw it last week for the first time and oh man does your comment about the film capturing a time “When my brain wasn’t constantly screaming ‘It’s almost tomorrow!’” ring so very true. But what I think is most important to note about the film is that it probably wouldn’t be made for theaters today. Could it be made today? Sure! On Netflix. Or Hulu, Or some other streaming service. But in 2009 this was a low key film about average people having average problems that was made for theaters. Does that really happen very often anymore? Here are the top 100 films of last year; could a single one of them be described as a film about “average people having average problems”? (Genuine question, I don’t recognize them all so I don’t know).

    I have never seen a single Fast and Furious film, not saying that to flex because I like popcorn flicks as much as the next guy and could easily see myself watching an FF film someday. I’m just stating it to note that to an uninformed listener like myself your hypothetical long presentation you are planning to make on how to watch the series seems like it could be summed in in two sentences, “Don’t watch 1-4. Start watching the Fast and Furious series at film #5.” FF series fans, does that seem correct? Would I really miss anything if I just start off when they become “Spies who shoot cars”? Because from what I’ve heard I’m reminded of an Onion article on how a man who had never seen Major League 1 but who had no problem watching Major League 2.

    ER ended in 2009? Man, I LOVED ER! …. for about four years. At the end of that period for some reason I can’t remember I missed a couple of months and when I tried to get back into it, it didn’t have the same appeal so I never really watched it again. And yet, despite the fact that I’ve only watched around 26% the show, if pressed I’d still probably put it in my top ten tv shows of all-time list. Anyone else have a TV show they didn’t watch all of that would still make their top ten list? Also, somewhat surprising to me, it looks like ER still has a lot of _really_ hard core fans as when it premiered on HULU over 35,000 people binged watched the entire series at a rate of over 5 episodes a day every day for two months. I can’t imagine doing that with any series but a small city worth of people did that for ER:

  16. It’s been a long time since I left a comment on an episode of Thirty Twenty Ten and I’ve done so this time because of “The Matrix”. My one previous comment was actually read out on the old Patreon comments show a few years ago, when I tuned in to mention how the show at the time reminded me of how I would get absurdly hyped for big blockbuster movies, get really into all the merchandise and do everything I could to learn about them before they came out… and then I never saw them in the cinema.

    “The Matrix” was kinda sorta one of these movies, because it’s one all my friends were into, but I was only distantly fascinated by as a kid. I wouldn’t see it until a couple of years later when I saw it at a friend’s house on dvd (it came in a snapcase, obviously). It was one of two “adult” movies that I remember kids being really into at my school. The other one, perhaps a little strangely, was the Tom Cruise version of “Minority Report” which came out a few years later. They’re both part of that “everybody wears lots of leather” trend in action movies which you’re starting into in the 1999 segments and were just coming out of in the 2006 segments back when you started the show!

    (The movie I got super hyped for – to this day the most hyped I’ve ever been for any movie in my entire life – which I actually did see in the cinema is on the Thirty Twenty Ten horizon, so put the date in your diaries: 19 May 1999; you can probably guess what I’m talking about.)

    On a related note, I’m left feeling a bit split on Diana’s critique of “The Matrix”. She makes fair points, but at the same time, while I appreciate she said she doesn’t want to fall into the trap of nitpicking plot holes, some of it seems to be “These characters didn’t do what I would have done” which doesn’t seem entirely fair to me.

    I’m sorry if I’m being unfair myself, but it makes me think of the story about the climactic chase scene in “Stagecoach”, when John Ford was asked, “Why didn’t the Injuns just shoot the horses?” and he’s supposed to have replied, “Because the movie would end.” More contemporaneously, it makes me think of the whole “hyperspace kamikaze attack BREAKS THE UNIVERSE” angle that emerged around the last Star Wars movie, which I’m sorry to say I also don’t find very convincing.

  17. Matrix holds a special place in my heart. My brother was graduating high school and I was to be a senior next year. My mom took us to a trip to walk around ithaca, NY. It all culminated in seeing The matrix with my Mom and brother. Of course we ditched Mom for a bit of Herbal enhancement beforehand. I was still green and tried to hide it from my Mom but I think she knew.

    It was visually incredible and we all agreed it was pretty good. But we didn’t really go nuts for it. It was really fun.

    Nearly forgot about it until my friend got a dvd player and this movie. It was the absolute best showcase for what DVD could do. We went over the commentary, the special features. We played with audio options. Frame – by – frame and slow motion viewing of the shootout scene. That was when we really got into it.

    Additional fun fact
    I used to play through hard mode of starfox 64 with matrix soundtrack on repeat. I swear, it used to perfectly sync up.

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