Guess the Fake Band – Laser Time #375

Pop culture is riddled with fictional musical groups that miraculously managed to churn out hits that became very real. And, yes, some hilarious garbage. So come with us on an auditory journey through the finest fake bands in the history of movies, TV and videogames…


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10 thoughts on “Guess the Fake Band – Laser Time #375

  1. I watched Eddie and the Cruisers recently, and was blown away to find out that “On the Dark Side” wasn’t a Springstein song, it was played by the band in the movie. I’d heard it now and then all through my life, and would have sworn it was Springstein.

  2. Great idea in theory, but if you want to hear three corny white folks be equally befuddled by Return of the Jedi, CB4 and Emmit Otter’s Jugband Christmas, buckle up! Bonus points to Chris for playing all of Dead Mike’s solo hit.

  3. This? This I love. And no content about fake bands should go without a mention of the definitive resource on the subject, the Rocklopedia Fakebandica:

    Some other fake musical acts I’d like to mention:

    Eddie and the Cruisers, from the cult-classic ‘80s movie of the same name, and Eddie’s second band Rock Solid from the sequel. The real group behind the fake group was John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, a decent B version of Springsteen. One of their songs as Eddie and the Cruisers, “On the Dark Side”, was an actual top-10 hit in America.

    Low Shoulder, the band from the (cult-classic? It’s getting there, or so I read?) movie Jennifer’s Body. The band is actually central to the plot, and the only time I saw the movie, you had to drink anytime you heard/saw the band’s name or heard their fake hit song “Through the Trees”, among other rules (like “drink any time the dialogue causes you physical pain”), though just the two Low Shoulder rules might have been plenty.

    And Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days, played by actual rock star Suzi Quatro. Though she’s American, all of Quatro’s success had been in Europe prior to her appearance on the show. She did manage one top-ten hit in the U.S. afterward, a duet called “Stumblin’ In”, and it is far and away the worst thing she ever recorded.

    1. I still have songs from Kidd Video and Jem pop into my head now and then. I don’t think I could have heard them more than twice, almost 35 years ago, but they’re taking up space in my brain until I die, I guess.

  4. Sopranos fake song mentioned.
    “That Thing You Do” sung by The Wonders, written by Fountains of Wayne who named their band after the now defunct Fountains of Wayne store in Wayne, NJ, the store which showed up in the Sopranos episode “Another Toothpick.” WE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE BABY.

  5. There were 2 that I would have liked to have seen on the list but weren’t there:

    1. The Lone Rangers from Airheads. Granted it would have been kinda of a giveaway because they only had the one song but the entire movie was based on the fictional band.

    2. Bad News from More Bad News.. They were basically the ‘British Heavy Metal’ version of Spinal Tap. It featured Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmonson from The Young Ones and Bottom fame. It’s an absolutely brilliant ‘mockumentay’ about a band who absolutely hate each other (and aren’t very good musicians either) but refuse to quit because they want to be famous.

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