Charlie Sheen Joins the Majors, The Superior Mall Cop Movie and the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Dragonball: Thirty Twenty Ten – Apr 5-11

Major League scores, Dragonball gets its worst movie while Seth Rogen gets his best, Parks and Recreation debuts, Robert Guillaume was ahead of his time, we don’t know anything about Hannah Montana, Drew Barrymore has never been kissed, and will young people go to Go?! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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24 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Joins the Majors, The Superior Mall Cop Movie and the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Dragonball: Thirty Twenty Ten – Apr 5-11

  1. Re: Cyborg, I want an entire Laser Time devoted to the films of Albert Pyun. Cyborg, Nemesis, Captain America, Alien From LA…I can’t think of another barely-competent director who made so many enjoyably rotten films.

    And on the Robert Gillaume Show bit: it’s funny, 12yo me didn’t register the interracial couple aspect as a big deal, but the bits where he in his job as a marriage counselor talked to couples about their sex problems seemed like the horniest and most fascinating thing I’d ever seen on TV. 42yo me understands better why the former is more transgressive.

  2. also: oh shit, GO. My college ran a free screening and it’s one of my favorite semi-bad movies. Mostly it left me with a desire to see grown-up crime movies and a huge crush on Sarah Polley.

  3. I’m back again and it’s time to talk about an episode I’m pretty interested in this one: The Tale of the Walking Shadow. The episode follows Jay Baruchel being himself, as a teenager who doesn’t think highly of himself got a lead in Macbeth and his crush, who plays Lady Macbeth tries to build up how confidence. Meanwhile, some odd things are happening in the theatre that may or may not be ghosts. I have many reasons that I like this episode; the story itself, the acting, and the inclusion of my favorite Shakespearean play. It’s a fun watch for sure. I’ll be back next week. Stay spooky!!

  4. As LT’s self-proclaimed Hip-Hop scholar, I can tell you that at this time, the Hip-Hop media, critics, as well as “Hip-Hop Purists” were hating on Nas. They were hating how his sophmore and now third album were continuing to sound more commercial. They only wanted Nas to work with the likes of Large Professor, DJ Premier, etc…basically only the producers who helped produce his debut classic, illmatic. Hate Me Now is a response to that. Sort of related, but there’s two versions of the Hate Me Now video, one that premiered once, and only once on MTV (by accident, because the wrong video was sent to them), and the video we have now. The premiered version had both Puff and Nas crucified. This pissed off Puff (as he’s catholic) and in turn, Puff knocked Steve Stoute (Nas’ manager at the time) over the head with a champagne bottle. They settled out of court, but the 90’s were a wild time in Hip-Hop.

  5. I should point out the sets and props and even costumes for Cyborg were made for what was supposed to be the Cannon Films versions of Spider-Man and the Masters of the Universe sequel. Cyborg was written on the fly to make use of them.

    And Never Been Kissed, I don’t trust any film directed by Raja Gosnell who made Home Alone 3 and the Scooby Doo movies.

    Observe and Report, I watched it hours ago as a double feature with Unicorn Store and I was impressed! It’s a damn solid dark comedy.

  6. It’s a shame the 2009 segment was skipped over so quickly because Parks and Rec really deserves more love. Perhaps re-do it either for the last episode of season one (May) or the first episode of season two (September) given that’s really when it finds its groove.

    And Sarah, you really should check out Chuck. It would be perfect for you; there’s soapy romances, ridiculous silly comedy, wigs, surprise emotional gut punches, meta jokes about Subway (due to sponsorship/fan campaigns to keep the show on air), Linda Hamilton quoting lines from Terminator, a kick-ass character called Sarah! What more could you want? Plus it’s one of those that was constantly on the verge of cancellation so they took big leaps and it really helped keep the show moving.

    1. I think they were just frustrated that the original 2009 segment was lost. Think about it, you recorded an hour’s worth of material…then it’s all gone. Unless you took notes, recreating that segment would be time consuming and frustrating.

  7. Dragon Ball Evolution is one of my favorite movie going experiences of all time.

    During my college days, my friends and I decided to go to a midnight showing of Dragon Ball Evolution. There were a couple of cosplayers who showed up, but a Goku cosplayer among them was the most boisterous. He was clearly excited before the film started and was loudly letting everyone know it.

    As the lights went down and a coke ad started, he shouted, “This isn’t Dragon Ball. This is Coca-Cola!” It’s so incredibly stupid, but it’s still one of the funniest moments of my life. It’s an inside joke among my friends to this day over how incredibly absurd it was.

    He was quiet for the rest of the movie, but we were waiting for his reaction as the credits rolled. He was the first to get up, he turned around and faced the rest of us as he yelled, “That fucking sucked!”

    So thank you, Goku cosplayer, you were the best. I will never have a better time at the movies.

  8. I almost feel like Cyborg is more well known for the fact that the sequel was Angelina Jolie’s first film as an adult. I guess she was in some movie as a kid so you can’t technically say it was her film debut.

    For half the conversation about the Robert Gillaume show I thought they were talking about Robert Goulet. I knew Goulet was in Naked Gun but I was wondering if he was as important of an actor as the crew were talking about. Then they started to talk about the show featuring a mixed race couple and I mentally slapped myself upside the head.

    Sarah wasn’t sure who Bob Uecker was? She needs to watch some Mr. Belvedere.

    I get the movie Go mixed up in my head with the movie Groove in that I don’t remember what happens in either of them. But I do remember the soundtrack to Go. A few songs are still in my regular rotation. The song they by No Doubt was (and maybe still is) my favorite song of theirs. But also Natalie Imbruglia, Esthero, Fatboy Slim and DJ Rap had great tracks on the album.

  9. I forgot to mention something about Major League. Chris said something about wouldn’t it be better if the team left Cleveland? I don’t think the players would really care. They’d probably want to be on a team in a larger market (i.e. a non flyover state). But as a sports fan it would be terrible. I’ve lived in Minnesota for my whole life. And we lost the Lakers to LA (basketball), the North Stars to Dallas (hockey) and for years the Vikings (football) were threatening to move unless we (the state of Minnesota) didn’t build them a new stadium. You’re already rooting for an underdog as a fan in a smaller market and then being in fear of them leaving is just a terrible feeling.

    1. such a loss it would be if we didnt shell out state tax money to appease a non tax paying organization and billionaire ziggy wilf and his team that cant even make it to a superbowl let alone win one

  10. Oh! I just saw a little vid on YouTube on Nearly Departed:

    I think the community college I went to just started giving out baseball scholarships because they love to throw money around :/ Forget that our building looks like 1978, we need a bAsEbAlL tEaM.

    Haha, at first I was like, “what did Chris’ family think about his funeral being held outside of humana?” then I heard that Chris got his pancreas so everything was o.k.

    I tried to get into Parks & Rec but April’s constant pouting and bitchiness always turned me off.

    Maybe as a way to prevent cat-related messups is maybe Di should make a backup recording when you two are recording in Florida?

    1. My community college definitely had baseball scholarships as well, and the people I knew who had them were the surliest 20-year-old high schoolers you will ever meet.

  11. Dream Team. I don’t remember this film very well but listening to you talking about how they don’t get cured at the end is something I kind of like. A huge percentage of mental illnesses aren’t really “curable” in the same sense that measles or mumps or even some types of cancer are _curable_. But there are tons of movies where a character has one big crowning moment of awesomeness that completely fixes their mental illness and the audience is given the impression this will be true for the rest of their life. But sadly the way an antibiotic can cure a sinus infection is just not how a lot of mental illnesses respond to attempts to fix them in the real world. So showing that the characters in the Dream Team all still have the problems they had before the adventure sounds more true to life to me. Also, this movie is a good instance of my theory that anything targeted at teens or nerds is going to have a longer afterlife than more traditional fair. This film out grossed Say Anything, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Friday the 13th 8, and The Wizard, but all of those films still get talked about and sometimes shown in theaters in a way I don’t think the Dream Team ever does.
    Major League. Question for the group. Would they (the players) have been better off if the team moved to Miami? I am not a sports guy but as far as I know nobody every fires 100% of a baseball team so at least some of them would have gone to Miami right? Where they would have been on a more popular team with better chances for endorsements and what not? Or am I wrong? When sports team move what happens to most of the players?
    The Robert Guillaume Show: First off, I legit thought you didn’t name the title of the sitcom and were just talking about which actor the show was staring. Secondly, I really enjoyed your LaserTime episode about Black Sitcoms and I was going to ask if you could do a follow up about racially blended sitcoms, that is sitcoms where the prime social interactions are between white people and black people. I was thinking of Different Strokes and Webster and was wondering if there were any interracial couples sitcoms to talk about and doing some googling, wow. Until a few years ago it is not a very big sample to pull from unless you are counting a Non-Hispanic White married to a White-Hispanic as an interracial marriage, which actually actually does count as an interracial marriage to the US government but not to US society, by and large. This wasn’t the only one though as in about a year from now you’ll be able to talk about True Colors ;
    Nearly Departed is just one of many reasons I love 30 20 10 because I literally haven’t thought about this show in 30 years and yet the second you started talking about it, that’s when this very faint memory of a Grandpa who could talk to ghosts started tickling the back of my mind. It looks like there where only ever four episodes aired so why, WHY, did my brain decide to keep even that vague memory for 30 years yet consistently chooses to forget the name of a person I met five minutes ago?
    Billy Wyman marrying a 19 year old who he had been “seeing” for six years just blows my mind. I get that “The Past is a Foreign Country” but I have always considered 1989 to be Canada in that analogy. But then things like this get slammed in my face at how different 1989 really was. He seems to have been pretty open about how long they were together, so how is it that no one in 1989 did the math that 19 minus 6 equals 13? So he started “seeing” her in 1983? 1983 had plenty of laws against 47 year old dudes “seeing” 13 year olds!
    Bill Gates Wealth in 1999. That was probably his own personal record as it was before both the anti-trust suit against Microsoft as well as the dot com bubble burst but even so he was pretty far from being the richest human of all time;
    Never Been Kissed. I did not know that Camera Crow went back to High School and then wrote Fast Times at Richmond High. I do however recall reading about a reporter in the 1990’s who did exactly that for a story but my google fu didn’t turn up what I was looking for. What it did turn up was a THIRTY FOUR YEAR OLD WOMAN who passed for 16!!!! That blows my mind and personally you could never pay me enough to go back to High School;
    Nothing adult is cool to teenagers. I heard this story second hand from a professional writer friend of mine, so I can’t say if it’s true but Neil Gaiman is about as cool as you can get in the literary world and allegedly he was complaining to this writer I know how his kids don’t think he’s cool. One day he noticed his daughter was a big fan of Tori Amos and diplomatically tried to point out that Tori and he were friends and that Tori thought he was very cool. So if his daughter thought Tori Amos was cool, then wasn’t he cool? His daughter thought about this and said, “That’s a good point Dad. I guess being cool isn’t that important.” Again, second hand, can’t say for sure it happened but if I ever meet Gaimen I’ll ask him about it one of these days.
    Observe and Report. I don’t really like the “No, the movie was just a dream, man!” type thing but in some cases I think it can fit and this is one of them. Because before he stopped his meds the film was at least semi-grounded grounded dark comedy but by the end of the film it is balls to the walls nuts with tons of things happening that could never happen in real life. AND all those things are exactly what the protagonists would really really want to see happen to him. So asking the LaserTime community; Was the whole second half of Observe and Report just a hallucination?
    Parks and Rec. I resisted this series for a long time because somehow I got it into my head that it was just a luke-warm serving of leftover The Office. Oh how wrong I was. Leslie Nope and Ron Swanson both belong in a list of the top five best comedic characters who are also fully realized as human beings with their own hopes and dreams. Characters who you can laugh at (not with, but at) again and again but are also people you sympathize with and grow to care about. For a show t have even one such character in a show is a great feet but I literally can’t think of a a show that has two such fully realized comedic characters on the level of Leslie and Ron. And the dialogue on the show is simply superb with line after line of quotable sayings. After meeting a guy I really like have have I ever said, “What’s a non-gay way to ask him if he wants to go camping with me?” No! But I have _thought_ about saying it plenty of times.
    Cyborg. This sounds like good 80’s cheese that I’m tempted to watch.
    Got to get that Boom Boom Boom. This song doesn’t sound old to me. At all. If I didn’t know better, I would have no problem believing it was a song released this year. So question for the group; of all the songs on the Billboard Top 100 list for 2009, is there a single song that sounds really dated? Dated in the way a grunge song in 2005 or a Disco song in 1989 would have felt dated?
    Dragon Ball film from 2009. Does anyone know for sure if Disney now owns the rights to a live-action Dragon Ball film?

  12. It’s too bad the Parks and Rec discussion was lost. I avoided this show for years, and finally binged it in 2017-2018.

    As I watched it I loved it, but it was also eerie how true it was to life. I grew up near Muncie which was one of the inspirations for the show (one of the maps of Pawnee featured in the show is Muncie flipped upside down). My family was heavily involved in municipal politics in small town Indiana and so I was surrounded by small town government growing up. Later in life I was in management in the Muncie library system. That’s right. I was a punk-ass book jockey.

    So through it all I thought parts of it were funny, but there were parts of it that were just too true to life. It’s eerie how spot on they got it. The people you see in crowds complaining who are supposed to be caricatures? I’ve seen weirder show up in the library asking equally crazy questions. The craziness and pettiness of small town politicians? Totally on the money.

    I love that show, but man is it too true to life if you’ve ever been close to or worked in small town government in Indiana.

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