Games of Thrones – Vidjagame Apocalypse 311

Game of Thrones is back this weekend, and if you don’t watch it, too bad! This week starts off with the Top 5 Game of Thrones games, with help from Thirty Twenty Ten’s Diana Goodman, so expect a healthy amount of show- and book-related banter thrown in. After that, we switch gears and talk about Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, Mario and Link dabbling in VR, and the best April Fool’s jokes you’ve pulled and/or fallen for.

Question of the Week: If you could give any game character (that you like) a final death, what would it be?


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2 thoughts on “Games of Thrones – Vidjagame Apocalypse 311

  1. QotW: Kill off Link. It could be (another) game that shows the Ocarina of Time timeline where he lost. Although this time, you’ll play as Zelda in a game that’s finally good. It could be a game that frames why the hell the series is called the Legend of Zelda.

  2. QotW: For me it would be Master Chief. Give him a noble send off as I can’t see him going any other way. He’s going to be ancient by the next game.
    Then going forward maybe look at doing what ODST and Reach did.
    Have a great cast surrounding your protagonist.

    I found those two game had spades more story than any of the major Halo games.

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