Wrestlemania’s Greatest Celebrity Appearances – Laser Time #377

With another Wrestlemania in the can, we’re looking back at the weird and wonderful celebrities brought on board to entice anti-wrestling normies into the festivities. Speaking of people who don’t like wrestling, this episode is perfectly safe for you!


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7 thoughts on “Wrestlemania’s Greatest Celebrity Appearances – Laser Time #377

  1. Well, I tried. Ten minutes of talking about wrestling while swearing you aren’t here to talk about wrestling, peppered with Antista insisting that wrestling is better than real sports, wore me down far more quickly than I would have thought. See you next week, gang.

  2. Great ep! I get those feels re: the my way package from WMX17. I’d be happy with more wrestling content (I actually cancelled my wwe Netwerk account to become a patron) but I think I am more interested in the nostalgia effect stuff like this has on me than discussing current events.

  3. Our national anthem is not “America the Beautiful.” That song they sing at the beginning of the event is called “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

    1. You’re correct about the name of our national anthem, but the song WWE has celebs perform is usually “America the Beautiful.” The one example we shared of the DX band was a compilation of that song with the Star Spangled Banner. We just happened to pull that particular section because it was a funny part of their performance.

  4. Speaking of fans getting beat up in the ring, I want to pass on one of my favorite wrestling stories, via my dad:

    At some point in the late ’70s or early ’80s my dad was working in Memphis and would frequently hit up wrestling shows at the Mid-South Coliseum. This, of course, was Jerry Lawler’s kingdom, and nobody drew heat like The King. During one of Lawler’s matches, a fan got mad and/or stupid enough to do something about it, so he hops the guardrail and jumps up onto the ring apron to attack Lawler. He raises his arms for a double axe-handle, and you can see the hesitation as he realizes just how big Lawler actually is up close, but he goes for it anyway, and you can practially hear the ‘dink!’ as “NO DAMAGE!” appears over Lawler’s head. Lawler stops, turns around, and yanks the guy into the ring, where he immediately body slams him and starts putting the boots to him. His opponent starts putting the boots to him. The ref starts putting the boots to him. Security jumps in the ring and starts putting the boots to him. Suddenly there’s a stream of buff dudes coming down the ramp as the LOCKER ROOM EMPTIES INTO THE RING and starts putting the boots to him.

    The next day there was a blurb in the paper about how a man was arrested for assaulting local celebrity Jerry Lawler at the Mid-South Coliseum. The assailant sustained injuries while resisting security personnel.

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