Pets Resurrect, Nintendo’s Got a Brand New Console, and the Long Awaited Follow Up to Arrested Development – Thirty Twenty Ten: Apr 19-25

Plenty of dull movies, television is the pits, but we have some great music releases. Oh, and the world suffer numerous tragedies across the decades. It’s a very macabre Thirty Twenty Ten! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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16 thoughts on “Pets Resurrect, Nintendo’s Got a Brand New Console, and the Long Awaited Follow Up to Arrested Development – Thirty Twenty Ten: Apr 19-25

  1. Columbine was a pretty surreal event for a fellow high schooler. I was a freshman when it happened and it did change everything. Previously, we had bomb scares going back to middle school and they were treated as no big deal, it wasn’t even news worthy. We would evacuate orderly while the police and fire department did a check and that was that. Following Columbine though, everything had new meaning. We did have “shelter in place” drills, but I don’t remember them lasting very long – maybe a year or two? The following year though someone in my class was accused of plotting a similar thing. I often wonder if he was overheard making a joke or if he was just being targeted because he was one of the “weird kids” or if there was some sincerity to it. I don’t know if he was ever officially arrested, but he was removed from the school and banished to the remedial one which was basically a trailer in the parking lot. And then a bunch of kids (myself included) used that threat of violence as an excuse to skip school on 4/20/2000. I wish I could tell you what I did that day, but I probably just sat in front of the TV.

    1. >>nd then a bunch of kids (myself included) used that threat of violence as an excuse to skip school on 4/20/2000<<

      I remember freaking the f. out about going to school that day. I even remember kinda begging my mom to not let me go to school that day, but of course she made me. I even remember giving my online friend the passwords to my websites in case I was killed that day.

  2. Pet Semetary
    In BOTH movies, the old one and the remake, the reasons for Judd Crandall bringing Lou out to the Pet Semetary make no sense.
    SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK (Which is one of my, if not my top, favorite King novels)

    The book has Judd and his wife living across the street, and Lou helps resuscitate Judd’s wife after she has a heart attack. That reason, and the dark forces in the woods, are why Judd shows Lou the burial grounds after the cat dies. It’s a kind of “you did something to help save the love of my life, so I’ll do you a solid so you don’t have to explain death to your daughter”. }

    Both movies have Judd be a widower when he meets Lou, and just try to explain Judd showing the burial ground as the influence of the dark powers in the woods, which is fine, I guess, but removing Lou’s wife from the story just makes the narrative a little less tight like the novel (which again, is awesome and arguably King’s best work aside from The Dark Tower series).

    It’s a weird choice made even weirder when you learn that King himself wrote the screenplay for the 89 movie.

    1. In the 1989 version he says he’s not sure why he did it. It is odd, but have you ever done something for a reason you couldn’t really explain?

  3. I was in 10th grade when Columbine happened, and I feel like after that day I never relaxed for the remainder of high school. We started having the scary incident drills that following fall. We had to hide in the dark hallway that connected the band room from the choir room and it was horrible. And now as an adult I can’t relax at work because I constantly worry that the creepy guy at work will shoot everybody.

    Lost and Found! Lost and Found! In the Summer of 2000, I befriended this girl online. She shared with me that she once had a crush on David Spade so much that she spent a crazy amount of money on the movie rental only copy of Lost and Found.

    I cannot wait to hear you guys talk about all the other fox animation failures before we got Bob’s Burgers in 2011. Shit Down Shut Up was the first one, then it was Allen Gregory, and then that Napoleon Dynamite one? I know everybody trashed Allen, but I liked it for its awkwardness.

  4. I was on the cusp of graduating from junior high the year Columbine happened. Specific to that day I remember watching the live news coverage for hours because I was home on spring/Easter break. Even as a kid, I kind of processed tragedies ‘objectively’ so to speak. I acknowledge the horror of something and never really consider how that permeates into my life. But the way the media went about it in their usual sensationalist way it wasn’t about accountability for them. We just want to assign blame to anything and everything that conservative media doesn’t understand and so we were looking at kids with trenchcoats funny, or anybody with a Marilyn Manson CD, and bearing witness to that even I couldn’t help but really think about my mortality and of course given the amount of public shootings we have had since (and I would feel that mortality dread again when I was in college and the VA Tech shooting happened), Columbine from my perspective kind of set the tone and foundations for Americans asking themselves “Am I next?” and a system that repeatedly fails to do something about it not because they can’t, but because they won’t.

  5. Hoo boy, Columbine. I was a freshman in high school when that went down at a very rural school in the Midwest. I still remember watching the news coverage in class while it was going down because a History teacher did the cliche “you’re watching history today” thing.

    There were so many changes that came after that I can clearly remember the dividing line between before and after Columbine, and of course all of it was crap that wouldn’t do jack shit to stop a shooter but made people feel better. Security theater a whole two years before 9/11 and the PATRIOT Act!

    Backpacks were banned immediately. This caused some trouble for me because I carried a laptop around school. I was the only kid in my school that had one back then. I still vividly remember trying to get an exception made and the principal looking me in the eyes and saying “I just don’t see what educational purpose a laptop serves” and telling me tough luck.

    A few weeks later we had a bomb threat. Before they would brush it off, but this got a full response with everyone being evacuated to the football stadium to wait around while police went in and cleared the place. They ended up calling school early and sending everyone home, and there were a lot of students who were stranded because they left their keys in the building when it was evacuated. A few weeks later we got a long rambling speech in the gym from our ancient and obviously unable to deal with this shit superintendent about how horrible it was, but I got the day off and got to go have tacos with my cousin so all in all bomb threat day was a plus for me.

    School ID badges came a year or two later. Yeah. A tiny rural school where everybody knows everybody, but we had to have ID badges on at all times for reasons? There were lots of jokes about using the flimsy plastic badges to deflect bullets, lightsaber style, which was a unique product of Columbine and Phantom Menace happening so close together.

    We started having active shooter drills towards my senior years, but it was nowhere near as omnipresent as they are now. They had code phrases they’d pipe over the PA to let teachers know to lock down. As though the gunshots wouldn’t be obvious in our two story, four hallways up and down, tiny-ass rural high school.

    We also had a couple of live demonstrations of active shooter situations. We’re talking the local Barney Fifes came out and showed off all the new toys they got as a result of Columbine and 9/11 complete with a mockup of classrooms set up in the gym and cops going in showing off their assault rifles and firing blanks to take out the shooter.

    They did have a situation where a kid was found with a gun at school. Nearly twenty years after Columbine and the first bomb threat. All that security and those fancy new guns for a police department that was one step above Mayberry PD previously sure was worth it!

  6. I’m curious how much anyone in America really knew about the Gameboy at this date in 89, since it didn’t come out here until July, which is less time than there usually is between Japanese and American launches, so we may have gotten some ads and magazine info already, but celebrating Japanese releases, then talking about all the things that Americans remember from much later always bugs me.

    I only remembered Gage from Pet Sematary, and he’s great, but having recently watched other movies from that time, like New Nightmare, Kindergarten Cop, and, just the other night, Apollo 13, I was surprised to see him in movies I didn’t remember him in when I saw them back then. I think Pet Sematary is a classic just for a few lines, like “Somtimes, dead is better,” and “Now I want to play with yoooouu.” I had forgotten how long the movie seems, with the dead student, and Yar’s sister having slipped out of my memory until I watched it again a few years ago. The sequel is in no way a classic, though, Edward Furlong and Clancy Brown make it interesting. I don’t know how the remake could possibly match Fred Gwynn’s character, or original Gage, so it seems pointless.

  7. Air Traffic Controller here. Pushing Tin is a pretty dull movie we trick new hires in to watching. There’s not a single quotable line so we mostly stick with Airplane! and Top Gun quotes at work.

    Overall the movie is pretty accurate to the actual job though obviously dramatized and lacking the extra security brought on by 9/11. Controller beefs do exist but it’s shift work so you leave that shit at the door as soon as you clock out.

  8. I love the original Pet Sematary. Remake too! I feel both versions have the right amount of gothic mood though the remake upped that. But the original I dig for its morbid atmosphere and its dealt with grief. There are some elements that don’t work, namely some effects but what can you do? Although tragic as the ending is, the remake may have topped it. If you thought Maine was fucked before, Maine in the remake is doubly fucked.

    And, not to police Diana but maybe not say “this woman is my spirit animal” as its cultural appropriation. Offensive to indigenous people and such, you can say Patronus, it’s a Harry Potter word or fursona, just any term, just not spirit animal since it’s pretty wrong for white people to take something from Native Americans.

  9. Oh boy! I can provide a little bit of extra info to a question Chris wasn’t really asking while also recounting a semi-related anecdote about one of the worst dates of my life!

    Beyonce had been in music videos and one TV movie previously, but her first theatrical movie was the cinematic tour de force Austin Powers in Goldmember. That’s a movie that will always give me a little cringe, and it’s not because of the recycled jokes or the way Mike Myers was clearly phoning it in at this point.

    No, it’s because Goldmember was the setting for one of the most awkward “dates” of my life. I’d had a crush on this girl for three years or so. She was going off to college after that summer and I was going into my last year of high school. Four years of sports and exercise had me going through a bit of an ugly duckling phase where the fairer sex was starting to notice me, but my inner fat kid was still calling the shots.

    On a whim I asked this girl out to go see Goldmember. She said yes, and I was ecstatic! The night of I asked her if she wanted to get dinner before and she said she’d rather just go to the movie. We had an awkward half hour drive (rural area) to the theater where all my attempts at conversation were shut down. When we got there I went to buy the tickets and she insisted on paying. You could say the date wasn’t going so hot, because I’m pretty sure she didn’t think it was a date at all.

    I figured I might salvage it though. On the way home we talk about the movie and actually start having a conversation. Then a suicidal fox ran out in front of my car and ended it all. Needless to say, this freaked out my not-date to the point that all she could do for the rest of the awkward twenty minutes was ask about the fox and whether or not I thought it was okay after doing a swan dive under my radials at 60mph.

    No. Mr. Fox probably wasn’t doing well after that experience.

    We get back to her place and she invites me in to play Mancala. I figure maybe this is still salvageable. Her parents were out of town and it’d be just the two of us! Then she gets out the Mancala board. And actually wants to play it. Not “let’s play a board game wink and a nudge.” I missed many subtle and not-so-subtle hints as a young man with an inner fat kid calling the shots, but that night the only desire burning in this girl’s heart was a desire to kick my ass at Mancala while we watched Mannequin 2: On the Move and talked about how funny Hollywood was but the rest of the movie kinda sucked and didn’t live up to the original.

    All thanks to Beyonce’s big screen debut: Austin Powers in Goldmember. The joke about the giant dinosaur not being Godzilla because of international copyright law but we should run from him as though he was Godzilla was pretty funny, at least.

  10. I’m back again for another season six episode of AYAOTD and I’ve got an interesting one for you this week: ‘The Tale of Vampire Town’. The episode follows a boy obsessed with vampires going to a small town that allegedly holds the resting place of a ‘famous’ vampire that’s reported seeing an attack again and he’s out to prove he can be a vampire hunter. However, he quickly realizes he’s in over his head when this famous vampire is coming after him. It’s an ok tale but it’s twist ending is what kinda makes or breaks the episode. Next week however is the penultimate episode. I’m getting a little geared up but, I’ll see you guys next week. Stay spooky!

  11. I graduated high school last year. Many people felt many things about recent shootings . Some people were racist, others were paranoid, me and my friends were cynical. It’d Be like “Woah! Another shooting happened!” “Really?!” “Yeah!” We’d talk for 10-20 minutes and then move on. To summarize, I didn’t know Columbine was a thing until my sophomore year of high school.
    I’ve been doing school shooting drills since I was five. And by my junior and senior year of high school. Me, my teachers, and my classmates didn’t care anymore. We’d crack jokes during the drills, because in a way, it’s just another way of American life.
    I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with these drill stuff anymore . But I don’t doubt college shootings don’t happen

  12. Probably already late to go on the comments show but still like to share.

    Yeah so I was in my sophomore year of High School when Columbine happened. For a lot a people in my generation they’ll point to 9/11 when talking about sobering moments and when they “grew up” but for me it was the week when Columbine happened. The day before Columbine happened a semi popular kid died after being in a coma in a car surfing injury (when you hang on the side of a moving car, he lost his grip hit his head on the curb and never woke up). I kind of knew him in various classes and such but it was the first time that i knew someone who died around my age so it was my first hard look at my own mortality. The next day columbine happened and everyone who was already kind of frazzled was even more so including the teachers.

    The same thing happened at my high school that everyone brought up where certain groups of kids were looked at suspiciously. Also I noticed teachers trying a little too hard to stopping bullying which was good but sometimes led to more trouble. For example I was in a class group and we were doing what most teenage boys do and rag on each other. The teacher only heard the other guys making fun of me and after class lectured the guys (without me knowing) the importance of treating others with respect. That led to the next day being yelled at that I went and told on them and that they were only joking and I’m a giant pussy. As they’re doing this I see my teacher looking at me giving me a thumbs up with a grin like he was making a difference. Thanks Mr. Anderson, thanks a fucking lot…….

  13. Ok…playing catch up here BUT i have so much to say about Pet Semetary so i had to comment. First time commentor, semi long time listener i guess?! I know it always sounds stupid to hear people say “read the book” but in this case its TOTALLY relevant & not in a snobby way! Every issue you brought up, every plot whole is literally explained in the book. Unfortunately its hard to fit all that into a 90ish min timeframe. Please dont get me wrong! I love this movie & its been a favorite of mine since i was a kid! Theres a more “spiritual” end thats not really brought up in the movie. The book, obviously, has more time to get into it. To put it in a nutshell (or not take up all your time) its explained that Judd tells Louis about the land because he felt “compelled to”. Like he knows better but cant help it. The land is trying to get used BUT is getting more rancid with each time kind of. Like i said, theres just so much more to it than they can really address. Have yet to see the newest one, but we’ll see how it goes

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