Games Inspired by The Infinity Gauntlet – Vidjagame Apocalypse 313

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters this week! What does that have to do with videogames? Plenty, because even if there’s no official tie-in game, Marvel’s Thanos/Infinity Stone arcs have been fueling games since the ’90s. With help from two very special Chrises – Comics on Consoles’ Chris Clow, and game-industry legend/Operencia writer Chris Baker – we dig into five games that trace their origins back to The Infinity Gauntlet, after which we wade through gore in Mortal Kombat 11 and Katana Zero, wax nostalgic over the discovery of a secret City of Heroes server, and dig into the classic Capcom games you’d buy a logo-shaped retro console for.

Question of the Week: What’s an unadapted comic book (or comic-book storyline) you’d love to turn into a game?


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7 thoughts on “Games Inspired by The Infinity Gauntlet – Vidjagame Apocalypse 313

  1. QotW: As far as I know, Secret Wars hasn’t been adapted into a game, so that’s one I’d like to see. It’d also be neat to see Civil War adapted into a game..maybe in the same vein as Ultimate Alliance…and finally Crisis on Infinite Earths would be epic. All cliched answers, but those would be potentially great games if adapted correctly

    1. Have you played ultimate alliance 2? Its an adaptation of civil war and pretty good, I know it gets some flack, buts its a perfectly fun game.

      1. I have not. I’ve only played the first X-Men Legends and the first UA. But hearing that UA 2 is like that…I am intrigued. I hope they re-release both for the switch in anticipation for the third one.

  2. Cannon Spike did have an arcade version. I saw it once, and if I’d had the money I probably could have bought it. But I didn’t on either count 🙁

    I’d like to see a Bizarro game.

    But I would also like to see a game based on Legend of the Chaos God, a five part comic event that played out in Disney Adventures Magazine that linked the universes of several Disney Afternoon cartoons, wherein a powerful ancient deity was locked in a jewel that made its way through the worlds (and apparently separate eras) of TaleSpin, Ducktales, Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, and Darkwing Duck. I don’t actually remember much about how everything played out in the story, despite still having all my old issues of DA. What kind of game would it be? I don’t know! But seeing as all these shows already had games of their own, maybe it could be a sequel to all of them, keeping the same respective gameplay of the NES and Super NES games and making it kind of a bizarre follow-up to the Disney Afternoon Collection.

  3. QOTW: A videogame adaptation of Jen Wang’s “The Prince and the Dressmaker” would be amazing! The comic is about a seamstress hired by a prince to secretly make dresses because the prince is gender fluid. Adapting this as a game in the vein of the Style Savvy series but with a more story focused approach; that would be my personal dream game.
    Also there should be a She-Hulk game in the ace attorney style.

  4. I adore the city and characters in Transmetropolitan but the only way I can see it translated to video game form is as an adventure game. It might not work if you are playing as Spider Jerusalem in that style since he would work best as a side character coming up with surprises. Perhaps you could play as his straight-talking assistants armed with her trusty bowel-disruptor 3000?

  5. QOTW: I would like to see the Dark Knight Metal series adapted into a game, picture this, going through level by level playing through each of the dark versions of batman ie. Death Machine batman, red death batman, DARKSEID BATMAN etc. It could offer a varied amount of gameplay leading up to the total annihilation of the multi verse (granted that’d just be for the game universe) all while the metaliest of metal is blasting in the background

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