Most Epic-est Battles – Vidjagame Apocalypse 314

Last weekend, nerd culture was rocked by two huge battles on the big screen and the small one (we’re talking about Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones, naturally), so with help from PNB Podcast’s TL Foster, let’s dive into five times video games made you feel like you were in the middle of a massive, chaotic conflict. Then we shift gears to talk about Days Gone, join the endless chorus giggling at the Sonic movie, and look at the comics and comic storylines you’d like to make into games.

Question of the Week: What’s a game you love in spite of reviews/conventional wisdom saying it sucks?


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14 thoughts on “Most Epic-est Battles – Vidjagame Apocalypse 314

  1. QotW: It might be stockholm syndrome with the recently released trailer for the movie, but I actually enjoyed/liked Sonic 06. It has its problems and the story is utterly moronic, but I thought the gameplay was solid…enough. Little did I know it’d get worse from there…(Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, anyone?)

  2. QOTW: Final Fantasy 13.
    I know it got slated for being a corridor game but I enjoyed the story and especially the music and battle system.
    I’ve played 7-12 and never finished them as I got bored even though I loved FF 8.

  3. This is Heybuddyyougottaslowyourcardownandletmein but can’t login and comment for some reason…


    The Splatterhourse remake from 2010. I don’t understand why that game flew under the radar. I was reviewing games at the time and was one of the rare scores of 8/10. The graphics were great especially the cutscenes. The story was great and the voice acting *kisses fingers* Josh Keaton as Rick and Jim Cummings as the mask? It’s cool to hear Negaduck drop the F-word. There were stages that were throwback to the original Splatterhouse games and it even came with the original trilogy!! You didn’t have to buy DLC it came WITH THE GAME. It had everything.
    The game sadly (spoilers) ended on a cliffhanger and it never ever will make a return

  4. I object to EWJ not holding up. Gameplay is still pretty tight, having replayed it a year or so ago on my hacked SNES classic. 2 is better than 1, but the Sega CD is the definintive version of the original.

  5. QOTW: The Megaman Legends games. It seems they’re pretty decisive among the fans, but they’re pretty solid games with a lot of charm.

    PS, 90s videogame movies might not be great, but at least they put enough effort in to be creative. The Sonic movie just seems to be rehashing the BayFormers formula.

  6. I loved Wii Music. While everyone in the world played Guitar hero rocking out to classics, I was having a blast playing public-domain music. Going back to it now, the main game is a bit boring but the mini games are still enjoyable. I still remember that horrible e3 presentation though, haunts me to this very day.

  7. A year ago, I would’ve named Chrono Cross as the game everyone hated that I enjoyed but that title now goes to a more recent one. Just the mention of the game will light a fire of fury across the internet. Fallout 76. Yup, I’m genuinely loving my time with 76 despite the outrage. My wife and I have befriended so many great people through this title. I love the world and lore of Fallout and exploration alone keeps my hooked

  8. The NARC remake on ps2 was a horrible game that i absolutely loved to play it had some really good ideas and the world was fun to just mess around and completely abuse your authority as you get high and beat up civilians to steal their drugs and continue the cycle of oppression. The soundtrack is great and the final boss is a goddamn mech. Another bonus was i was pretty damn broke when i was younger and NARC was one of those 20 dollar new games that was a thing in 2005-2007 i believe big mutha truckers was another of the 20 buck new games i enjoyed way too much considering the reception of it.

  9. Off the top of my head…..Mach Rider for the NES. Everyone says it sucked but I have nostalgia for it and it was the only game I could wipe the floor with my brother (who was 7 years my senior) and all his friends on.
    A more recent one would be Anthem. I know all the (accurate) complaints about it, but I still love flying around in my Gundam-painted Ironman suit shooting repetitive bad guys in repetitive fetch quests. Or, my personal favorite, using my bright green and purple Colossus (biggest) suit and from as high as possible crashing down onto a cluster of enemies while yelling “HULK SMASH” to the surprised delight of my 8 year old son who didn’t know I had surreptitiously joined his game from upstairs.

    1. If you’re wondering how to surreptitiously join a game with horrible match making, the steps are as follows: Make sure your son’s match setting is “Private”. Send him to get the dog and let her outside. While he’s wrangling her, send yourself an invitation from his game. Exit back to whatever screen he was on before you sent him on doggy duty.

  10. I love hearing Mikel’s praise for Silent Hill: Downpour. I’m mystified at the loathing poured on that game. If I ranked the eight Silent Hill games, it would undoubtedly be in the top half.

  11. As a kid we had an Intellivision, not an Atari. So I have quite a few fond memories of the Intellivision and it’s library and enjoy hooking it up every now and then. But despite all that I have absolutely no idea who this new Intellivision is supposed to be for. There’s very few people who the name will mean anything to at all and I really doubt they’ll be getting celebrity pitchmen to do commercials for it. It’s an interesting concept but I honestly don’t see where the market for it is supposed to be.

  12. Star Fox/Starwing was not only the very first SNES game we ever got, but it was the first ever video game I ever played. And even though it looks dated now, I still enjoy playing it now and again. And I also play Super Mario World too. What? No Super Star Wars, Super The Empire Strikes Back, Super Return of the Jedi, Mario Paint or The Mask? Not even as honourable mentions?

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