Water Worlds – Vidjagame Apocalypse 315

Underwater levels have a long history of being terrible, but underwater games? Those are something special. This week, we welcome special guest Cicero Holmes of Spawn On Me and Discovery Debrief as we dive into five of our favorite undersea adventures, after which we chat about Shakedown Hawaii, (more) Days Gone, Microsoft’s trash-talk guidelines, and the games you love in spite of other people reviling them.

Question of the Week: What’s the most stressful water level you can remember?


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12 thoughts on “Water Worlds – Vidjagame Apocalypse 315

  1. I’m guessing the FF7 remake announcement was too close to call for discussion on this ep…sounds like it’ll be a fun discussion next week. I honestly never thought it’d come out and was just smoke up our asses…although I thought the same about KH3 and that was finally released.

    1. The news dropped after we recorded. I REALLY want to experience that combat system for myself to see what it’s all about.

  2. QotW: For me it was any levels on Sonic, going from 100mph and then moving like you was in treacle was bad enough.
    Then the horrible music started when you was near to drowning. It sends chills down me.

    1. expound that with the GBA version pf the game, where you move slower than molasses in those levels.

  3. QotW: Not techincally a level, but a battle. In FF7, the Emerald WEAPON battle if you don’t that underwater materia to stop the timer. That shit was mad stressful first time through, especially when you’re under leveled.

  4. I generally dislike all water levels, but I ‘noped’ pretty hard on some of the later levels of Ecco the Dolphin.

    Some of those levels had you going down pretty deep into the caverns under water and as you did the background went from a nice tropical blue, to much darker, and eventually almost black, which really pushed the deep, deep down, claustrophobic atmosphere.

    Oh and the auto scrolling level near the end where you’re swimming through what is essentially a giant meat grinder, which causes Ecco to scream in pain when he touched the sides or any of the obstacles.

    Fuck that for a laugh.

  5. The one that immediately comes to mind for me is Metroid Prime 2. I know it might not seem like a water level at first, but having to rush to those little light circles to catch your breath from being in the darker, or corrupted or whatever the fuck it was area that made up the level made it one from a gameplay point of view. I disliked that opening so much in fact, that it turned me off to the game entirely and I never picked it back up again, despite loving the first one.

  6. QotW: The water level that immediately came to mind was “Down the Tubes” from the first Earthworm Jim. Racing through a rocky labyrinth in a fragile glass submarine with limited oxygen delivers the one-two punch of a stressful time limit that also induces self-loathing as it causes you to careen around recklessly, forcing mistakes that cause resets and instant self-criticism as you realize what you should have done instead.

    Honorable mention to the music video for “Pressure” by Billy Joel.

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