SNL Says Goodbye – Laser Time #380

As one of the longest-running television institutions, Saturday Night Live has developed an peculiar way of bidding adieu to cast members around this time of year. Sometimes, however, the only thing more interesting than how SNL says farewell is how it doesn’t. We’ll be exploring both phenomenons in this week’s not-ready-for-prime-time episode of Laser Time…


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3 thoughts on “SNL Says Goodbye – Laser Time #380

  1. I do argue though it’s bogus Sasheer Zamata never got an SNL send off. Then again sadly, they never did know what to do with her.

  2. I’ve been trying to watch the first season of SNL, and its unbearable. Did you know that the second episode was pretty much Paul Simon performing? I’ve also began watching the 1980 part of the 1979-1980 season as well, and those are WAY better.

    The Damon Waynas bit doesn’t sound like the end of the world when you just listen to the audio, just sounds like a cop with a crazy voice!

    This whole time I thought that Molly’s final episode during one of those bizarre times they had a 30 minute live show on a Thursdays to compete with like…the second season of Survivor in early 2001? Apparently not, it was the Sean Hayes episode in February of ’01.

  3. I lived in Britain and we never had SNL aired here, only in clips, but it always interested me as the place where comedians came from. The closet thing we have in England is the panel show circuit. Mostly Mock the Week, which has had people leave after a while.

    Also great show guys.

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