Deep Space Nine Says Goodbye, Hulk Hogan made a movie, and the Highest Grossing Comedy of All-Time: Thirty Twenty Ten – May 30 – Jun 6

It’s a big week for Star Trek and PC games! Plus the first in a comedy trilogy, the worst book-to-movie adaptation in all of history, the PlayStation goes analog, Christianity’s stab at Who Framed Roger Rabbit, America’s Funniest Videos 2.0 is a decade old, Conan O’Brien takes the reins of television’s most prestigious franchise, and other harbingers of horrible things to come! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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17 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine Says Goodbye, Hulk Hogan made a movie, and the Highest Grossing Comedy of All-Time: Thirty Twenty Ten – May 30 – Jun 6

  1. hangover’s the highest grossing comedy of all time? Insane…also hard to believe it’s been 10 years. Could it also be one of the most fumbled trilogies ever?

  2. Big week for bad movies! After Last Season is baffling but it’s not quite as much fun as your Neil Breens, as it’s very slow and inscrutable. It is demented that it had a (very) limited release.

    As for who uses Bing, I definitely do! If you need to find images online, it’s far easier to find exactly what you’re looking for (you can filter by shape and pixel size) and its video search also makes it easier to find a full length b-movie since you can filter for videos longer than 20 minutes. Even in my work I’ll google something and get an entire page of garbage, and bing the same terms and come up with the thing I’m specifically lookin for, because there isn’t a bunch of SEO re-directing me to things I’m not looking for.

  3. I’m surprised neither of you discussed Vampire’s Kiss for the 1989 segment given it was released on the same week. Especially given its meme status based on Nic Cage at his, well, Nic Cage. Take a look.

    But next week is Star Trek V and I have choice words for that.

    Resurrection, believe it or not, Christopher Lambert co wrote the story. Interesting.

    Regarding comedies nowadays, I guess people prefer genre comedies. Or meta ones given the Jump Street movies. You three might kill me I picked Brightburn over Booksmart. And I even have plans to see Aladdin but more than those, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. You’re gonna want to crucify me, don’t you?

  4. Turns out, some good DID come of the According to Jim finale. During my junior year of college, a new friend Liv and I decided to go into the final episode without ever having seen a second of the show. We ate re-heated baked ziti out of coffee mugs and really bonded for the first time out of our mutual hatred of the titular Jim. We often look back on that lazy-ass day as the one that cemented our friendship.

    Also, I know we all loathe Jim Belushi, but he’s PERFECT in his tiny role in Twin Peaks: The Return. Is that the only good thing he’s ever done?

  5. Chris bringing up McGee and Me! made me weirdly happy. I was raised on Christian programming like McGee and Me, Adventures in Odyssey and Gerbert. Although I have since turned my back on the faith and make Jesus cry on a daily basis, I still have a lot of weird love for Christian children’s programming, especially when it involves animation or puppets. For my monthly meetups with friends where we watch bad 80s and 90s programming, I always bring bad Christian programming. It’s always so interesting as they follow the same format every time – a kid in an attempt to be popular does something untoward, gets validation, begins to feel bad, asks a parental figure what they should do, parental figure talks about Jesus, kid loses validation with his peers but makes Jesus very happy. Every. Fucking. Time. I love it.

  6. Did they mention Deep Space Nine during the 99 section?.I swear I didn’t hear anything about it.

  7. What is really weird, I was just listening to this weeks 302010 podcast, and when the Napster segment came about, I thought about the current state of music versus what I was looking for back when Napster was around. I agree with Sara that I completely and totally listen to podcasts now, in the present day, instead of and versus music. What is ironic though, today, just now, I read about iTunes shuddering down, which is a place where I used to get all my podcast streams. Now I am like, “WHoaaaa…” I listen to podcasts with PodcastAddict as my catcher, but I would to know what Apple’s new angle is??? Any thoughts community???

  8. Not to be a huge defender of MTV but I swore the MTV Movie awards were voted on by the audience online for quite some time.

    So currently through the web and social media presences. That might mean the viewers vote? But I thought the AUDIENCE who watched MTV voting on the nominees, as opposed to some shill board made up by the very people who make an industry terrible, stood for at least something good.

  9. I love Ed Helms, but that’s upsetting that Hangover is the #1 comedy of all time.

    John Henson’s last Talk Soup is coming up in July of 1999:

    You wouldn’t save Jennier Anison and Ross in a fire either?? I’d save them too. Everybody else

    can GO though. Looking at you, Monica. I wonder if Lolita winning best kiss at the movie awards

    was their way of trolling way back then. You def need to do a wrap up episdoe of Laser Time of

    90s ones (it wasn’t around in the 80s, right?)

    I think the reason why Saturn died was that GM just slapped the Saturn label on chevys beginning

    in the 2000s. :/ Saturn was such a big deal in the early 90s, you should watch the old

    commercials for them, they wanted it to be magical, and it kinda was there for a while (I think

    GM started them).

    All I know from Land of the Lost is that Will Ferrell was on Conan’s first Tonight Show to

    promote it. Dang was that some sort of curse? I was so excited that night.

    I only know Tosh.O because of that time he made fun of that harpy OrganizedLikeJen (who is now

    known as Pretty Neat Living)

    Please don’t hire jrralls to do the comment show.

    …am I the only one who didn’t like AP Bio?

  10. Instinct will always remain in my head because I happened to watch it September 10th 2001.
    For those of you missing the connection, there is a scene where Anthony Hopkins goes on a long diatribe about how society gives us an illusion of safety and security. He kidnaps Cuba Gooding Jr and hasn’t taken Gooding’s freedom, only his illusion of freedom.

  11. It’s nice to see Mac & Me get another shoutout! I definitely remember renting those videos from the library as a kid; I guess I didn’t notice the religious undertones, but I was young so, oh well. The 1999 segment took me right down memory lane, starting with “Holla Holla” – I remember hanging out at my wanna-be girlfriend’s house, watching that song, “Bling Bling”, and Lil’ Troy’s “Wanna Be a Baller” music videos that summer on MTV. That also reminded me that, later that same summer, said wanna-be girlfriend’s Dad broke us up, via HOTMAIL, because I was Black and she was White. Nothing like racism at an early age (15)! Also, the fact that Napster debuted on my 15th birthday blows my mind – I wouldn’t discover it until later on in 1999 during my music studio class in High School, searching for MIDI files to play on KORG keyboards to make compositions. Finding unreleased songs from my favorite artists blew my mind…and I knew then that everything had changed.

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