Gaming’s Hottest Dads – Vidjagame Apocalypse 321

We’re back with a full episode full of reactions to E3 news – but first, strap in for a supersubjective, Father’s Day-inspired rundown of some of gaming’s greatest DILFs, with special guest Alaina Yee. Then it’s on to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Cadence of Hyrule, Collection of Mana, and the western devs you want to see tackle Japanese franchises.

Question of the Week: Which E3 game or announcement are you most excited for?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is A Song For the King of Kings by Katsuro Tajima, Tomu Miyazaki, and Kitomu Miyaza


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11 thoughts on “Gaming’s Hottest Dads – Vidjagame Apocalypse 321

  1. QotW: I’m definitely excited for the FF7 remake, but have no faith it’ll be released next March. No More Heroes 3 and a BotW sequel surprised me and the reveal of the Link’s Awakening dungeon maker has me excited!

  2. QotW: Predictably, for me it’s Cyberpunk 2077. I mean, it’s just hitting all the right notes for me, and I bought a brand new system largely in part so I can play this game.
    Second would be Pokemon Sword & Shield, but so far a lot of the information coming out for it has made me less excited (such as you have to get another transfer system to move Pokemon from game to game that isn’t Pokemon Bank, and even then there’s going to be ‘mons you can’t bring over, and how apparently they’re taking out the Mega Evolution mechanic), so at this point I’m waiting to hear more clarifying information.

  3. Big ups to Elden Ring. We had a title, we had a logo, but I didn’t expect a trailer so soon. FromSoft can take as much time as they need w this one. Sekiro was great, but I’m excited to see them back at their many weaponed/build based dark fantasy RPGs. And if George took time away from Thrones to build this world, i’m sure it’s something we haven’t seen before.

  4. Luigis Mansion 3 for me.

    The first one was a fairly short and easy tech demo, and the second sacrificed the open metroid-vania exploration elements by cutting the game up into ‘levels’, (probably down to memory issues on 3DS) but the series has always had buckets of charm and lovingly produced. The talk from the producers to flesh out the puzzles and boss fights seem like they’ve nailed down probably the main things that stopped the series getting more attention.

    They showes off a lot of big, ambitious titles at E3, but youd be hard pressed to find any other game shown this year which showed so much expression of character in the animation of their spineless, cowering main protagonist.

    Keanu’s fine and all, but has he ever spent the entire first level snot-nosed and crying, red eyed and shitting himself in a corner out of terror?

  5. Personally, 12 minutes really stood out for me in an overall uninteresting show.

    I like narrative games, branching paths and time-loops so it´s almost perfect for me (just needs some meta ludo-narrative dissonance). I really hope the execution of it is good but I don´t want to spoil myself by looking at early footage. Annapura Interactive has been publishing good stuff recently though some projects have interested me more than others. Hopefully we won´t need to wait years for the finished product to come out.

  6. I am excited to play FF7 and Cyberpunk but I’m gonna on an odd limb: Ys Book I & II on the TurboGrafx Mini.

    It’s the first official release of this version since the Wii Shop and I’ve played it a million times, but I’m happy to see more people exposed to a game that had an incredible symphonic rock soundtrack (some based on Yuzo Koshiro’s compositions), animated cutscenes, and the professional voice actors (Alan Oppenheimer, Jim Cummings, Michael Bell, and Thomas Haden Church) – all before the SNES came out. While the game is probably not as good as most Zelda games and the “bump” mechanic is initially off-putting, it still has that rock solid Japanese design and it’s a game that showed me, as a little kid, that games can evoke emotions beyond getting a high score. In general I hope the TG Mini gets people in the West more exposure to great catalog of games and a great system that is not as appreciated outside of Japan

  7. QotW – Zelda 2 baybee! It will be *very* interesting to see if they can smooth out, tweak and generally improve on the BotW formula. The first game was so close to perfect it made every little shortcoming all the more hurtful, so here’s to a second pass!

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