Defining Popularity – Laser Time #383

Who decides what’s popular? The People, you say? Fools! It’s mostly cold analytics, complete strangers, literal guesswork, and the almighty dollar. This episode of Laser Time explores who and what are providing us with performance date on our favorite movies, shows and games, PLUS we’ve gotta a former employee of the Nielsen company here to demystify the complexity and secrecy around American TV ratings…


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7 thoughts on “Defining Popularity – Laser Time #383

  1. I had an ex who has a Nielsen box. It was pretty neat to fuck with. I’d ask friends/family if there was a show they wanted to boost viewings with.

  2. Either I’m an edge case or you guys are wildly generalizing about demographics you don’t understand, because I’m a tech-savvy dude and I love Impractical Jokers.

      1. That would not surprise me. I recall the AV Club doing an article about them a couple of years back, and the comments were ripe with folks misunderstanding the nature and format of the show entirely, while still vocally despising it.

        (I was about to say “some people think it’s just more Jackass,” but I unabashedly loved that, too, as I am uncultured swine)

  3. Given EVA is now on Netflix could you fellas discuss it on an episode (of anything!) Specifically maybe giving it some context for what made it popular/special both in Japan and the US. Especially for those of us who didn’t experience it in the 90, in a post anime scarcity world.

  4. Now that EVA is on Netflix any chance of an episode looking at it for those of us who grew up later in a post-anime-scarcity world? A look at the importance of the show in both Japan and US, which I am vaguely aware of being a thing for unknown reasons.

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