Karate Kid Boes Bonsai, South Park sings and Larry David is Woody Allen – Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 28 – Jul 4

Will Smith gets his first taste of failure, American celebrates Independence Day with a complete lack of television content, South Park concocts its biggest episode yet, Johnny Depp makes a crappy gangster movie, yet another ice age, YOU WILL BELIEVE A DOG CAN TALK and the Daniel-san Saga is closed… for now.  All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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16 thoughts on “Karate Kid Boes Bonsai, South Park sings and Larry David is Woody Allen – Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 28 – Jul 4

  1. Okay, Mitchell wasn’t the first person to get to Pac-Man’s kill screen, that was happening by 1982. What he did do was get to the kill screen without missing a ghost or fruit, and clear out the playable portion of the kill screen, all without dying. It’s a legitimately insane accomplishment as video game stuff goes.

  2. I had the Wild Wild West soundtrack in 1999. I feel so bad for my parents because we listened to that song over and over. I’m sure the members of Dru Hill who weren’t Sisqo still put food on the table from the royalties of that song. But through that soundtrack, I was introduced to Enrique Iglesias because “Bilamos” was on that soundtrack.

  3. First off, let’s not continue to dignify Woody Allen by even mentioning him. Even if it did have Larry David who I like better and is funnier than Allen anyway.

    But anyway, I agree with Sarah on South Park. Especially since the show gave birth to certain types of assholes where apparently caring about people somehow makes you a bad person and deserves to be mocked. Fuck Matt and Trey.

    I will say, the movie is pretty funny. Probably the show at its peak and never reached that height again but I digress.

    Wild Wild West on the other hand, here’s the thing, a black actor playing Jim West like a cowboy James Bond in a steampunk works fighting confederate assholes, that has a lot of potential. It could have worked. It should have. But they used the wrong material to pull it off. Cast is great but the script fails them completely. Like if Jim West calling out white people is going to make white audiences uncomfortable, good. But again, they used the wrong script. Hell, Barry Sonnefeld could have pulled it off but the guy somehow got strong armed by the studio and Jon Peters. As such, it’s a pity everything went so wrong despite the potential. And why the fuck was Peters obsessed with a goddamn giant spider? Did you know he wanted that for a Sandman movie?

    But fun fact, I actually had the giant mechanical spider toy from Burger King. Yes, once upon a time to promote the film, Burger King did a promotional tie in that included even Burger King toys for the kids.

  4. One more thing, if Disney shutting down Blue Sky Studios means the death of Ice Age. So be it. It overstayed its welcome by the sequels. I feel bad for the employees but I don’t ever want to hear about the Ice Age franchise ever again.

    1. i guess that means no Peanuts sequel…or does this also mean Disney technically has a stake in Peanuts now?

      1. No. Disney owns just that Peanuts movie. Besides, the rights are with the Schultz estate. They can do whatever they want with them. And they don’t want a sequel.

        Besides, it’s the only good thing Blue Sky Studios ever made. Everything else is bad or mediocre.

  5. I remember going to see Wild Wild West with my grandfather back in ’99. We were visiting my aunt and uncle in California. My grandfather liked the TV show, so my aunt thought it would be fun to go watch the movie. I still remember the look of confusion and disappointment on my grandfather’s face as we walked out of the theater.

  6. For the TV segment, do you guys ever look up the TV listings in the old newspaper collection on google [https://news.google.com/newspapers] ? If you can find a really good newspaper with lots of good archives (Reading Eagle out of PA is a good one).

    “Don’t Forget My Number” is the definitive “couldn’t you tell an older guy was singing these songs?” MilliVanilli song.

    The How Did this Get Made episode about Wild Wild West is so dissappointing. Paul Scheer accidentally scheduled Kevin Smith for this episode and there was NO discussion about the movie, just Kevin talking about himself for 2 hours.

    I think Dance Your Ass Off did have celebrities, heavyset ones and they danced and lost weight?

    ‘Yall forgot Billy Mays’ death!

  7. I bet the non-Sissqo members of Dru Hill still put dinner on the table with the royalties from “Wild Wild West”.

  8. The most remarkable thing about Public Enemies is how ugly a film it is – it was shot on digital cameras and has this hideous camcorder look to it – seriously – go and check out the trailer if you don’t believe me – it looks like a cheap BBC production from the early 1980s.

    There must have been some rationale behind it (perhaps the filmmaker wanted the historical events being portrayed to look more contemporary or something?) but its bizarre – one of the ugliest mainstream Hollywood movies to be released in recent years.

  9. Great Balls of Fire. Given that by any reasonable interpretation he married a literal child-bride, I can’t ever see this being made today, but that does make me wonder something: Who was the most problematic figure to have a bio pic in the last five years?
    Milli Vanilli ‘s. Baby don’t forget my number. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhyzGDPwmYU Given that voice recognition technology is super easy and cheap to use today in a way it wasn’t in 1989, have any new Mili Vanili’s been found? There whole scandal was that they weren’t singing their songs and the revelation of such made them become complete un-persons on the music scene. But I have a hard time believing that they were the sole and only big name performers who had other’s sing for them. And yet, I’ve never seen a link to, “This YouTuber shows you what 80’s stars weren’t the real singers!” or anything like that. So what gives? Were Mili Vanilli truly unique or is it just something that the internet, with its tens of millions of people wanting to investigate every bit of pop culture minutia, still hasn’t decided it’s worth investigating?
    Weird Al’s Running With Scissors. HOLY COW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEcjgJSqSRU&list=PL199wqy10NoL_0Z-p5GeZi972yiKU0Lht I think this is my favorite Weird Al album on all time. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi, Jerry Springer, Polka Power, That’s Your Horoscope for Today, All about the Pentiums (how could you not mention the controversy over that? It’s the biggest “scandal” in Weird Al’s life), Truck Driven’ Song, and for what it’s worth, I put The Saga Begins up there with the N64 Podracing games in the list of media inspired by Episode I that is genuinely enjoyable. If you put aside any rage at Episode I (which you really should have been let go by now) and listen to the story in the song, it actually sounds like a pretty damn good entertaining story. This is because the plot of Episode I as told in a 5 minute long song, is a tightly knit and fast paced hero’s journey with just the right touch of melancholy about wanting to be something.
    Re: The comment that 1999 was first time a cable station outpaced a network station for a full quarter. Come on! UPN doesn’t count. When you say, “Network TV in 1999” not one person in a hundred’s _third_ thought would be of UPN, let alone their first or second. And now we are at a point where other than football it’s getting rarer and rarer each year for popular shows to be Network shows. This to me illustrates a very important factor: Companies rarely become their own successors. When movies were king and TV was in its infancy, none of the major film studios started a successful TV network despite having a huge backlog of films that would have made filming up air-time relativity easy. And now in our own day none of the Networks managed to start a _big_ streaming service despite having a huge amount of experience in making hit TV shows. The reason for this is interesting, at least to me, and has mainly to do with vested interest. Every VIP in the company has a vested interest in their own little internal empire. Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s putting their backlog of films on TV would have greatly weakened the part of the studio dedicated to re-releasing films and in the present day making successful streaming service for their current shows would have hurt the part of the networks dedicated to selling as many ads for as much as possible. As a result the companies just drifted along until their competitors took over a large market that could have been theirs if they had been willing to face internal resistance, but that’s actually pretty rare for a big company to do. You can see the same thing happening in the space industry now where it’s clear as bottled water that re-usable rockets are the future and all sunk-costs in non-reusable rockets is a sunk-cost. But the big boys like Boeing can’t bring themselves to do that because it would mean dismantling a huge part of their own empire. It’s fascinating to watch in almost real time.
    Summer of Sam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaWtWAvUb-4 That is all.
    South Park Bigger Longer Uncut. When I first watched Episode IV with my kids I tried to watch it with the eyes of someone in 1977. Someone who had no idea that there would ever be a sequel and who was just experiencing Star Wars for the first time. And I encourage people to try and do the same thing with BLU. Today, we KNOW that we would have another 20 years of South Park episodes, years in which they could eventually say whatever they wanted and years in which computer technology would greatly improve their animation ability. But I think almost no one in 1999 would have guessed that South Park was going to still be on the air in 2019. In that regard the movie was just something thrown up to catch a rising fad; a fad that would soon dissipate like all fads. In that light HOLY FUCKING COCK BALLS! What other movie about a fad can compare with this one? Whatever the 1999 South Park viewer liked about the show, this film turned that up to 11 and gave it to them in spades. I recall reading a review of it at the time that said something like, “This film somehow manages to offended everybody. You might laugh at that and say, “I’m a Satanist! Nothing offends me!” but you dear satanist reader, you too will be offended by the South Park movie.” Now, granted I haven’t watched the film since 1999 but in that year it gave me 100% of what I wanted, with the sole exception that I deeply desired for the Royal Canadian Armed Forces choir to sing, “Blame Canada!” at the Academy Awards with complete and utter seriousness. That sadly didn’t happen, but other than that, I got everything I wanted from the film (at least at the time) and even with that qualifier that’s a high compliment to give a movie.
    Side note: Who else listens to the show at work? I have about two hours of quasi-data entry each day and I usually listen to podcasts when I have to do that. And even though I listen with the volume turned down so low so that even my cubicle partner can’t hear it, when the “Uncle Fucker” song started singing on the latest #thirtytwentyten I got more than a little nervous.
    The South Park to SNL comparison (in that both are on a tight schedule to make timely humor that’s primarily meant to be funny the weak it’s aired more than anything else). Are South Park and SNL the only shows doing that type of timely humor anymore?
    Will Smith raps about every movie he’s ever been in; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA9-AJtUyXU
    Wild Wild West; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zXKtfKnfT8 The video has 22M youtube views and I would bet a lot of money that no where near that many people have seen WWW since youtube was invented. Furthermore, I will claim that the song is pretty damn good as a song. I never saw the film but I’ve enjoyed the song many many times. Any other songs from movies that have far eclipsed the movie itself to this degree?
    https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/wild-wild-west-1999 Roger Ebert, “the elaborate special effects are like watching money burn on the screen.” I don’t have anything to add to this. It’s just an amazing quote.
    I got a feeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSD4vsh1zDA I had been married a short enough time when this song came out that the sensation of going out to a club and completely and utterly giving up all feelings of responsibilities and parting at a club didn’t feel alien to me. Now it does. I haven’t been in a club in (counts in head) … 12 years at least, maybe more. So today I have to really think hard to remember that feeling of thinking “woohoo, that tonight’s gonna be a good night” in a way that I didn’t have to work to remember it in 2009. I was never a huge club goer so not going to clubs isn’t a huge loss for me, but having the memory of the feeling of going to a club being slightly out of reach is odd. Is there anything which you experience today, or can remember clearly today, that you think may be hard for you to remember the feeling of in 2029?
    Shake weight premiers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jby0I-zLj9c
    Dead Snow. Has anyone here actually seen this? Any good?
    Woody Allen film (missed the name). What is the total number of Woody Allen films in which an older man is dating a significantly younger woman?
    Curb your Enthusiasm. I’m not going to watch every episode. No time. But I recently finished a speed watch of How I Met Your Mother (I used a top 20 episode list) and it was an enjoyable viewing experience. Thinking about doing the same for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Any “must watch” episodes of it?
    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. What’s interesting to me is that Ice Age was built around “There are other extinct animals other than Dinosaurs that are interesting, damnit!” That was its gimmick. “Can this group of misfits and outcasts overcome the odds to triumph over adversity?” is not a new thing in kids cinema. But this is the only major kids cartoon film I can think of that tried extinct animals other than dinosaurs, and yet even they felt the need to go to the dino well after a few films.
    Public Enemies. I had been mildly thinking about watching this for ten years. But thanks to Diana’s “It stinks!” I no longer have even that mild desire. Thanks Diana!

  10. I had recently turned 15 when the South Park Movie came out and had been a fan of the TV show for the time it had been on. I had no idea what it would be about not seeing any ads for it on TV, but I do remember seeing the teaser for it (https://youtu.be/UOZxobtLPCM) I think when I saw The Phantom Menace a few months earlier. I knew I had to see it. My friend and I got my Uncle to drive us to the theatre in the city that was showing it – an hour away and bought the tickets. I remember when we walked into the theatre we were stopped as we were underage and asked when our “parent” was. My Uncle was right behind us and we took our seats. Not 5 minutes into the trailers, my uncle left to run errands and return until after the film was done. So there we sat, two 15 year olds in an R-rated move about underaged kids seeing an R rated movie and the repercussions of it. The humour of the situation was not lost on me. We both loved that it was a musical and so far off from the series at that point, but I do think it marked a high point for the show at that point. Sure, the animation was crude but that was always the point of the show. They joke about it in the teaser trailer I saw and liked to above. I think the South Park movie still holds up – and stands alone from the series. There are joke and running gags that a fan will enjoy, but it can also be viewed and enjoyed by someone who hasn’t watched the series.

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