Comic-Con Alternatives – Laser Time #386

Another year, another Comic-Con. But the annual San Diego pilgrimage is far from the only way to pay tribute in person to the things you hold dear. That’s why we’re talking not only about the history of Comic-Cons, along with some of this years news, but all the other places you can mingle with creators, shop for rarities, and dress up as your favorite characters. Feel free to share your favorite Comic-Con alternatives in the comments below. 


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Here’s that Diacon video we talked about for the show’s outro. Tis splendid!


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4 thoughts on “Comic-Con Alternatives – Laser Time #386

  1. Never been to comic-con, as I heard it’s hard(er) to get in and quite pricey. Been to an anime con when i was briefly in Anime Club in High School….Cons I’ve attended in frequency are/were pretty recent…I went to the launch of the Silicon Valley Comic Con, here in the Bay Area/CA. First year was hectic but worth seeing the Back to the Future Panel. The following year (2017) I went to get a pic with the Springwood Slasher himself, Robert Englund., plus Tom Wilson (Biff)! Considered Adam West/Robin, but was too expensive, sorta regret it since he unfortunately passed a few months later. I’ve skipped last year’s and will skip this year’s as the panels/guests just aren’t hitting it. Also been to a couple Walker Stalker Cons, but I’ve slowly fell out with the show, as all the good characters either left or are dead…and they charge a shit load. Steven Yuen was charging like 200…and the guy who plays Eugene was charging like 75, and this was before the more recent seasons when he became more of a focus…Dwight’s actor was around 85

    1. DS9 and voyager couldn’t hang w/ each other for the simple fact Voyager was set in the delta quadrant.

  2. Cons are so much fun! There is usually plenty to do and see. My favorite is Star Wars Celebration. We were lucky to get a decent con in my home town this year, though. GalaxyCon.

  3. The Denver Pop Culture Con (former the Denver Comic Con before SDCC threatened to sue them over the name Comic Con) has been growing every year and this past June had over 114,000 people attend over a three day weekend!

    We’ve had pretty big stars like Christopher Lloyd, Bruce Campbell, Alan Tudyk, Weird Al and even Stan Lee himself as guests!

    Come for the pot and stay for the culture con. And then leave, there is no more room for other people here!

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