Cheap Popcast #102 – Summerslam 2019 and NXT Takeover Toronto Review

Cheap Popcast 102

On the latest episode of Cheap Popcast, we pay tribute to Harley Race, round up news from around the world of professional wrestling, see how we did with predicting Summerslam and NXT Takeover Toronto then rate the shows on an all-new review scale, and more — including the introduction of multiple new segments!


2 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #102 – Summerslam 2019 and NXT Takeover Toronto Review

  1. Great show guy! While I agree that the finishing move barrage that often happens is lame I also think it’s lame when a wrestler always just hits their finish and win. Basically, I think there needs to be a middle ground.

    Also people always bring up The Rock and Austin as starting this which they’re not wrong but also it’s The fucking Rock and fucking Stone Cold Steve Austin. Two of the greatest of all time in a rivalry that spanned 6 years and headlined some of the biggest wrestling events ever. If any two wrestlers earned the right to do that shit it’s them. I love their match at WM19 as it feels like the ultimate culmination of this years long rivalry. The Rock retired Austin the only way he could: by using his ultimate move over & over again in succession.

    If your rivalry spans at most a few months then you haven’t earned the right to hit R1 over and over again (or to hit L1 & R1 for the finisher steal), as it will just look dumb.

    1. I completely agree with all of this. Rock and Stone Cold earned it. Now EVERYONE does it.

      As for finishers, I feel like they should almost always work on regular TVs, then save the big stuff for PPVs.

      Thanks for listening, and thanks for the comment!

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