Making Fun of Hippies – Laser Time #389

Don’t like the way your generation or cause gets depicted by the mainstream media? Well, imagine being a hippie, perhaps the world’s safest target of ridicule throughout the last half-century. From the scorn of their late sixties heyday, to the violent mockery of the 90s, this episode of Laser Time takes a look at the pop culture depictions of the damn dirty hippie.


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3 thoughts on “Making Fun of Hippies – Laser Time #389

  1. Hippie Dragnet was awesome!
    When Dragnet was brought up, the first hippie episode I immediately thought of was “The Big Prophet.” The episode didn’t have any case. Literally, the entire episode is just Friday debating some hippie drug guru. That’s it. No crime (other than the guy obviously being a drug dealer); just rapid fire back and forth on the pros and cons of drugs and hippies.

  2. I actually have Far Out Man on DVD. It was from one of those cheap-o companies back in the day. Probably got it for less than five bucks. It came in one of those weird, hard plastic cases. The title on the spine is going the wrong direction, and it drives me nuts.

    Anyway, it was one of those movies I caught randomly on HBO one day as a kid. I remember it was pretty funny and self aware. There was a pretty funny scene where, for some reason, Tommy Chong wanted to get a bunch of realistic toy guns to pull off a heist or something. He goes to a toy store and asks for toy guns, but the clerk only has the fake looking neon color types. After Tommy presses him, the toy store guy gets real serious, closes the store, and pulls out a secret stash of realistic toys guns and says “It’s easier to get the real thing that it is to get these babies.”

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