Bruce Willis is a baby, Black Dynamite is the best movie ever, and we break the first two rules of Fight Club

Oct. 11-17: The World Series is interrupted, Kirstie Alley knows who’s talking, Helen Mirren gets X-rated, Michael Myers gets revenge, the Bridges boys play piano, David Lynch makes a Disney movie, an actual good film version of a kids’ book, Heath Ledger’s final bow, and activity gets paranormal. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Bruce Willis is a baby, Black Dynamite is the best movie ever, and we break the first two rules of Fight Club

  1. Oh, you have to listen to the How Did This Get Made episode about Look Who’s Talking Now, Conan is the guest!

    I was six when the SF earthquake happened, so I didn’t really learn about it in depth until I found my dad’s old newspapers from it my senior year of high school in 2000, and boy did it scare the hell out of me. I still catch myself watching the newscasts from that day, the car accidentally driving into the lower level of the bay bridge is nightmare inducing — the driver passed away, but her brother who was in the car [she just picked him up from the airport] survived, and there’s this clip of the rescusers trying to get him out of the car, and meanwhile the sterotypical bubble headed blonde reporter is there fixing her hair getting ready for her shot.

    “heartbreaker” was designated one of the dumbest videos ever made by Funny or Die recenty.

    I used to love Jim Gaffigan until him and his wife had all those kids. Why him and his wife have five kids. In NYC.

  2. I remember my father taking us to Gods Must Be Crazy II and being absolutely bored out of my mind. I remember two things about it; the kids splashing around in water because they had never encountered it with such abundance and 2) leaning over and asking my Dad, “If this was a film about Africa why are there so many white people?” Doing the math, that means that 11-year old me had absolutely no knowledge that South Africa existed.

    Puppetmaster 1. I remember seeing previews of this and really wanting to watch the killer puppets but being too scared to actually do so. People who watched it while young; did the series live up to the hope of the premise?

    So Chris said that they are probably going to cover the Halloween series for 2020 Elm Street Nightmare . I have no connection to the Halloween series, never saw a single one of them, and I’m curious how people think they rank. In terms of series, not individual films but the series as a whole, what is your own personal ranking (1,2,3,4) for Halloween, Friday, Nightmare, and Child’s Play?

    So After Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, it was 6 years until the next Halloween film. I’m curious, what is the last 20th century horror Franchise, with four or more films in its franchise, that stayed dead as of 2019? That is, they made four or more films in that series pre-2000 but eventually they got to a point where they stopped and that sequel has never had another sequel or reboot in the 21st century as of the time of this writing.

    Fabulous Baker Boys. Wow! Does a sexy gal singing on top of a piano in a red dress really come from this film? I’m sure I saw that in a bunch of cartoons when I was young but never realized it was referencing something in specific. Kid-me always thought it was just something that was _done_.
    Look Who’s Talking. Is this the best, “X’s don’t talk, but this X is talking and therefore it’s funny!”-movie ever made? If not, what is? Side note: Was this film anyone else’s first time seeing sperm?

    The Straight Stories. What are some super slow films that you have -liked!- No mentioning slow films that you haven’t liked. Only looking for films that you found both really good and really enjoyable.

    Talkin’ ‘bout Fight Club pt 1. First off, HOW did you experience this film in 1999? Not looking back with 2019 eyes, but when you got done watching it for the first time how did it make you feel? Because 21 year old me watched it with a bunch of 18-22 year old dudes and …. Yea we were not a subtle bunch. We came out of it pumped and jazzed and ready to fuck shit up.

    Talkin’ ‘bout Fight Club pt 2. One thing not mentioned in the discussion was a queer reading of the film in that it was written by a gay man and the central story can easily be read as an allegory for a gay man struggling with his queerness. This theory was first pointed out to me immediately after watching the film in 1999 by a fraternity brother who raised the idea… at which point me and two other dudes looked at him like he was crazy. He quickly then said never mind. This and various other things that he said and did now make me wonder how I never noticed he was in the closest at the time. Hindsight is a hella of a thing.

    Talkin’ ‘bout Fight Club pt 3. So yea, he doesn’t have a name. What are some other famous movie characters without any names?

    Talkin’ ‘bout Fight Club pt 4. I went to see it pretty soon after it opened so the “what a twist!” aspect to the film was not at all spoiled for me. I’m curious though if that’s true for most people.

    Talkin’ ‘bout Fight Club pt 5. Did you ever go to an actual fight club?

    Simpsons: Just want to throw out that when December rolls around and you have episodes of The Simpsons in all three decades, I think you should cover one show per segment at least one time on one show in order to explore how the show changed over its 30 years.

    Britney Spears – 3. I would have sworn this was her last big hit, but apparently “Hold it Against me” was up there too.

    What is the last film you physically rented from a rental store? Mine was “Death to Smootchy.”

    Where the Wild Things Are. I tried to get my kids to watch this multiple times but they emphatically rejected it each time. Finally I just watched it by myself and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more adult exploration of childhood in a fantasy film. The monsters are all just constantly bubbling emotional balls of pure id that it’s easy for me as an adult to see how they reflect childhood but I can see why they would have a hard time appealing to actual kids, especially when combined with the dreamlike feel of the film.

    A Boy and His Blob. I had such nostalgia for the original. I loved The Goonies, and Monster Squad, and Exploers so much and this was the first video game that really felt to me like “Now YOU can finally play as a KID WHO IS IN DANGER!” I got the remake and liked the first hour of it I played but I got swamped with life and kind of forgot it existed. Anyone want to go to bat for the remake?

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