Clowns: Can They Be Killed? – Laser Time #392

It had to be done, Coulrophobics! With two new disturbing clown movies in theaters, we’re examining how this once wholesome embodiment of family amusement became a default icon of pure terror. Is it earned or is it irony? We’ll get to the bottom of It, as we dig into the origins of the creepy ass clown…


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3 thoughts on “Clowns: Can They Be Killed? – Laser Time #392

  1. The one movie you guys never mentioned (although I will say that it’s never actually been released) is Jerry Lewis’ “The Day The Clown Cried”. It’s a legendary film that’s been buried ever since it was shot. It’s about a Jewish clown (played by Lewis) who is charged by German guards in a concentration camp during WWII to ‘escort’ little kids to the gas chambers for execution. Sounds lovely doesn’t it ???

    Also, the movie Vulgar was written & directed by Bryan Johnson who also hosts the podcast “Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave”. It’s been going for roughly 9-10 years now and if you listen to it, you get a pretty good idea of why Vulgar is the way it is.. lol..

    Another reason for why it was a View Askew production, was because the role of Randall in Clerks was kinda-sorta based on him and when Kevin started shooting, he & Bryan were not really on speaking terms. So, to kinda ‘make it up to him’, Kevin helped Bry get Vulgar made. Even more, he’s been on & off attempting to write a sequel to it now that Comic Book Men isn’t filming any more.

  2. If no one has mentioned it, there is a clown movie on Netflix called Stitches about a clown who comes back to life to kill the kids who caused him to die at a party. There was another movie called Drive Thru which had a clown mascot, ( from a restaurant, I think), killing people.

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