Wes Anderson gets animated, Toy Story 2 heads to the past, and Back to the Future zooms forward

Nov. 22-28: Sally Field is Southern steel, Beck defies sex laws, Hover Boards get banned, Toby Maguire rides, Arnold dies at the end, George Costanza is Larry David is George Costanza, David Cross makes poor decisions, bonding with Emperor Zurg, and the most important stupid show of all time. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “Wes Anderson gets animated, Toy Story 2 heads to the past, and Back to the Future zooms forward

  1. America’s Funniest People was hosted by Dave Coulier and Arleen Sorkin when it first premiered. Then…Tawny Kitain took over? The model lady. And most of the clips were shot at malls?

    1. I remember when America’s Funniest People did Mall Tours, looking for new content. I even participated in our Midway Mall in Elyria, OH. Sadly, I was not picked for doing a “crazy snake” impression lol.

  2. 20191123
    The Toxic Avenger: The Last Temptation of Toxy. The Toxic Avenger series was R rated and was therefore theoretically not intended for children but given that he got his own animated series for kids television, he completely was. Question: What was the last R rated film franchise to get a G rated cartoon based on it? Was it Toxy? Because I know Rambo and Police Academy did, but they both pre-date Toxy. Were there any after him?
    Back to the Future 2 is THE Back to the Future film for me. 1 & 3 are great, but nothing can ever compare to me to those glorious 15 minutes spent in the far off world of 2015. Marty was my idol as a kid, the epitome of cool, and seeing him in a world of hover boards, 3d films, Café 80’s, and pretty much every part of the future, I could not help myself from wanting to BE in that world. And then once the concept of alternate timelines came into play? I was hooked, pretty much for life as even to today I’m a sucker for a good ATL. What was your favorite part about the “future” of 2015? (POLL)
    Oh, and as for why this film treats Back to the Future 1 so reverently; BTTF1 was huge! Number 1 film of 1985 and if you go through old issues of Starlog you can see that people totally geeked out over it as much as they could in the pre-internet age. There was one huge saga about the Alternate-Marty McFly that stands out in my mind to this day. https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/5f8596/the_other_marty_bttf_theory/
    Hmm… I think I agree that having BTTF3 be the second film and BTF2 being the third would have worked better structurally. It would have required a different ending to 1 though. Hmm… Maybe Doc says he’s going to visit the Old West instead of the future at the end of 1 and then things go as in the original until when Marty is talking to his girlfriend at which point it starts pouring rain. The creepy looking guy in the trench coat from the end of 2 approaches Marty and gives him a letter saying Doc is stuck in the Old West. Marty says, “Oh Man this is heavy,” roll credits. Then 2 can be him trying to fix the time machine on his own, going back to save Doc, and then after the Old West adventure is done, 3 could be them going to the future, the alternate 1980’s, 1950’s and even the Old West again as one big coda to the film series.
    America’s Funniest Home Videos was the talk of the playground from the moment it premiered because the humor was perfectly in pitch with what grade schooler thought was hilarious (“Football in the groin! Football in the groin!”). I always wanted to send in a tape but don’t think I ever found anything really funny in our home movies. Did anyone here ever send in a tape?
    Blue – Third Eye blind. What was the last song you called into a radio station to request? For me it was “Summer in the City.” I had recently gotten my license and recently seen Die Hard 3, which opens with that song, and that was the very first time I had ever heard that song and I desperately wanted to drive around while hearing it, so I called a couple of stations asking them to play it. What about you? What was the last time you called a radio station to request them to play a song?
    End of Days. It was an odd experience for me to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger cease to be the biggest star in the world (which he pretty much was from 1984 to 1994) because I don’t think I really grasped the impermanence of fame until college. Sure, on some intellectual level maybe I grasped it, but emotionally the actors who were stars when I was young were the only stars who were “real” to me and I think it was Arnold’s fall that made me realize how all of them, every last famous person in the world, would inevitably be replaced by the passage of time. Except Tom Cruise. That dude has a painting of himself hidden somewhere under key, I guarantee it.
    POLL. Toy Story 2. Ooooooooo…. Tough call. So which Toy Story is the WORST film? Worst doesn’t mean “bad” just that of the four, which one do you think is the worst?
    Friends and drug use. This actually brings up an interesting question to me; in any edited piece of media to what degree is fair to assume that you are being shown everything you might wish to know about the character’s lives? For example, for men of Sherlock Holmes and James Watson’s social position and financial standing for one or both of them to at least occasionally frequent one of London’s many Victorian brothels would have been not very noteworthy as that something a great many men in their time and position did. Now there is absolutely no mention of either of them ever going to a brothel in the Sherlock Holmes stories themselves so we the audience are given the options of either of assuming 1) We would have been told if they had or 2) Choose to think that they did but that this part of their lives was edited out of their stories (since pretty much no story tells you literally everything that happens in a character’s life.). By the same reasoning, it would not be at all unusual for young New Yorkers in the late 1990’s in the Friend’s social and financial position to use recreational drugs. We are therefore given the options of either of assuming 1) We would have been told if they had or 2) Choose to think that they did but that this part of their lives was edited out of their televised lives (since pretty much TV program shows you literally everything that happens in its character’s lives.). Personally, I think at least some of the Friends used recreational drugs on a quasi-regularly-at-least-to-a-light-degree, but not to any major degree that impacted their lives and that this is why we weren’t shown them using. Your thoughts?
    Friends. The beef in the trifle is a scene that I can quote from memory despite not having seen it in almost twenty years. I was very very curious if anyone has ever de-fictionalized it the way that people have with food from the Simpsons, and of course they have: https://spoonuniversity.com/recipe/how-to-make-rachels-thanksgiving-trifle-from-friends
    Rusty Venture. Given the sad nature of Rusty’s life, I’m sure the most pathetic definition is the real one. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Rusty%20Venture&page=3

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