Arcade Obscura (Fighting Games) – Episode 005

Finish Him! Our Fighting Game Wars miniseries wraps up with Arcade Obscura. Each host presents a little-known, underappreciated, or underrated fighting game to the audience. The other hosts make fun of their love for it! This episode also includes discussion on Sea-Doos, fat shaming, Lionmen, Tenacious D-ragon, and playing games on the 3DO which were never made for the 3DO.






3 thoughts on “Arcade Obscura (Fighting Games) – Episode 005

  1. Double Dragon:
    -There was indeed a Genesis/SNES Double Dragon fighting game, produced by Acclaim without Technos’ direct involvement, called Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. It was loosely based on the animated series, and is bad. Funny how both of the fighting games were based on licenses based on the original games.
    -The Neo Geo game did get a PlayStation port, and it’s up on the Japanese PlayStation Store as a PS1 Classic for PS3/PSP/Vita.
    -I’m sad HAMSTER’s deal with SNK didn’t last long enough to get to ACA NEOGEO ports of Super Dodge Ball or Double Dragon for PS4 and Switch. Maybe they’ll work out another deal some day.

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