PlayStation Exclusives Stuck on PSOne – Vidjagame Apocalypse 345

PlayStation turned 25 this week! To celebrate, we invited PNB Podcast‘s TL Foster and Kayla Zumbaum to join us for a dive into the past and a look at five much-loved PSOne exclusives that never made the jump to later generations. Then we’ll take a quick look at Phoenix Point, get wistful about the return of Toys ‘R’ Us, and hear about the games you crowdfunded and loved.

Question of the Week: What’s the first PlayStation game you owned or ever saw that convinced you to buy the system?


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11 thoughts on “PlayStation Exclusives Stuck on PSOne – Vidjagame Apocalypse 345

  1. I was a Saturn owner and defender. My friends and cousins would make fun of me constantly so I didn’t get a psx until the Saturn officially stopped releasing games (Shining Force III was the last game we were able to grab at release in 1998). We had rented a PSX to play FFVII but I remember not being impressed (probably sour grapes), I eventually finished it on PS3. We had Tomb Raider on Saturn so it wasn’t that impressive to me. My cousin had Soul Edge and that looked awesome, but it was actually the first time I saw Metal Gear Solid that convinced me I needed to own a PSX. It’s still the only physical PSX game I own.

  2. QotW: the first Playstation game I saw that convinced me to get the system was Final Fantasy 7 (wasn’t the first gamee I owned for the but it was early). It was Christmas Day 1997 and my cousin brought it over to play at one of our other cousin’s house. He showed us the last boss and I was so impressed that I longed to get it at some point (which wound up being a year later)

  3. I did not own a Playstation. But my aunt did and the game that I always loved to play was MediEvil. I’ve always been a big horror fan and the game appealed to me because of it’s gothic aesthetic and playing as a skeleton knight.

  4. I was pretty young when the PlayStation had come out, but thankfully I had a brother who was old enough to get one! We had gotten our PlayStation in early 1997, and it had come bundled with a demo disc, called “Interactive CD Sampler Pack Volume 3”. That disc had a couple of interesting games to try out, including Tekken 2, Formula 1, 2Xtreme and Ridge Racer Revolution! However, one game really stood out in my mind, a colorful platformer by the name of Crash Bandicoot. Something about the lush graphics, the wacky cartoony sound and the bright orange titular character really blew my mind! Later on in 1998, my brother had gotten another demo disc called the “Toys R Us Interactive CD Sampler” which contained demos of what would become two of my favorite games of all time, Crash Bandicoot: Warped and Spyro The Dragon! Since then, I knew I had to get a PlayStation for my very own and thankfully I had gotten as a birthday gift, the backwards-compatible PS2 a few years later and I was delighted to finally get to play that wacky orange marsupial game that I had first seen all the way back in 1997!

  5. After visiting Pizza Hut with my cousins one summer, I can remember two of my cousins excitedly explaining to me how they could get a demo disk from Pizza Hut. This was an amazing process to my young nine year old brain. As we discussed Y2J’s debut in the WWE lo and behold they were given a disk after we ate out at Pizza Hut that night. We were all shocked and amazed that night as we had our first taste of Toney Hawk Pro Skater, and from that point on I knew I had to get a Playstation if this was going to be the future of video games.

  6. The first Playstation system I owned was the original PSP with the game Micromachines. It was a gift from one of my brother’s friends. However, the first PlayStation console I bought with my own money was a PS3 Slim and it was, and I’m not joking about this, to play the infamous Sonic ’06. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and I went out of my way to play every mainline Sonic game including this horrible piece of shit. I got to share the torture with my brother and it’s an experience we’ll never forget. Worry not, I also bought Persona 5 and the Metal Gear Legacy Collection and those games 1000% justified my purchase :p

  7. I was the smart kid who owned a Saturn. THANKS MOM!
    So when I went to my friends house to play his PlayStation I was blown away with Twisted Metal.
    The cars, the destruction, the multiplayer – all great.
    After that I finally became an owner of a PlayStation and loved it until I played Simpsons Wrestling – broke it – and peed on it.

  8. QotW: I saw a “coming soon” article that featured a Gamera 2000. The game promised you’d fight alongside Gamera as a fighter jet, fighting monsters and such. I was REALLY into afterburner for the 32x at the time and I begged my mom to get me one for Christmas. In the 11th hour, I learned Gamera 2000 wasn’t to be released in America and switched to the “buy a Saturn, get 3 free games deal”. I don’t regret it. Virtua Fighter 2 is a really good game. I eventually bought a PlayStation to play Final Fantasy 7, but the promise of fighting with Gamera is what initially sold me.

  9. Tekken!!! I remember when the Playstation first appeared in magazines I wasn’t too bothered actually, pictures of Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden did nothing for me. But there was a UK TV gaming show Bad Influence that showed off Tekken. My brother and I were transfixed. The VHS we recorded it on got degraded as we watched the clip over 50 times. Our immediate plan was working out how to leverage the Jehova’s Witness no birthday or Christmas presents policy, against our mum to get the console as fast a possible. After a short and intense emotional blackmail campaign the £375 pounds for 1 playstation, 1 copy of Tekken and an extra controller was secured. I think we got it around Tekken launch day, I started my love affair with Paul Phoenix soon after. My family wasn’t rich, and I feel suitably guilt for my actions every day, but to be fair it was Tekken.

  10. This may sound strange but the game that made me want a PlayStation the most was Star Wars dark forces on the PC. I had been contemplating asking for an N64, or a PlayStation and I decided on getting a PC game instead so that I may get other gifts as well. Little did I know that PC games had requirements and my computer wasn’t even close to meeting them; so upon returning the game to KB toys, my lovely mother paid the difference and got a PlayStation. I couldn’t buy a game with it but we rented Star Wars : Masters of Teräs Käsi that night instead. That game is hot trash but I didn’t care… I was in love. I’ve been a PlayStation fan boy ever since.

  11. Hey guys QOTW,

    Like for many what would have been a deal maker for getting a PS1 is Final Fantasy 7. That game was fascinating. But lucky me, we had our first PC in the house and the game was released for it as well ( which sadly I ended up getting in french because it was the only version available at the local Radio Shack, yes Radio Shack, not even Zellers. And the translation wasn’t very good to say the least. ) So I didn’t get a PS1. Nor did I get a PS2 even when I saw those sweet graphics on Final Fantasy X. Sweet mother of god those poly were to die for.

    No what ended up breaking me many years later when I finally got out of school and in the workplace, and finally had some sweet disposable income, was Dead Rising 2 for the PS3. I rented an XBOX with the original game played that game non-stop for 2 days until completion even though I failed and had to restart from scratch. It was hard, it was stressful, it was the first time I had that kind of experience with a zombie game. I was mesmerized. So when I realized the second one was out on the PS3 I finally made the jump and bought one. It brought me back to consoles as I had been playing mostly on PC for the last years.

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