Sly and Kurt dominate mediocrity, Jim Carrey wrestles with stardom, and Robert Downey Jr. deduces a new iconic character

Dec. 20-26: Michael Moore gets in your face for the first time, Oliver Stone sucks at football, Mr. Ripley is extremely talented – and ever so pretty, all singing all dancing Daniel Day-Lewis, George Clooney’s on a firing spree, Meryl Streep is complicated and by Grabthar’s hammer, it’s the best Tim Allen movie ever made! Happy holidays! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.

And so you don’t have to bother finding it, here are the two numbers from “Nine” we recommend:
A Call from the Vatican by Penelope Cruz
Be Italian by Fergie


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One thought on “Sly and Kurt dominate mediocrity, Jim Carrey wrestles with stardom, and Robert Downey Jr. deduces a new iconic character

  1. Always. “The ET guy did that?” I get that sentiment. I remember being 12 and deciding to watch it on HBO solely because it was by Stephen Spielberg and turning it off halfway through because it just wasn’t what I thought a “Stephen Spielberg movie” was. What is your most, “They directed that???” film?
    Tango & Cash. I get the point that with near everything being appointment viewing movies like Tango and Cash just don’t have much of a place buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, then I remember that “Bikini films” are still being made. Seriously. If you go to Amazon Prime and punch in the word “bikini” into the search bar up will punch a bunch of super cheesy (RECENT!) bikini flicks that are bad. Just plain bad. In an era of unlimited free porn on demand I don’t really understand the appeal, and I don’t have a good mental image of the person who would make a 2010’s era Bikini flick their appointment viewing, but apparently it’s a thing! So my thesis is that if bikini films can be appointment viewing for people in this day and age then “Well done dumb” films like Tango & Cash can be too. Oh, and Terry Hatcher was in this? I thought she just spontaneously appeared in wrapped in a cape for nerds to download her picture of over the course of 45 minutes on their 12k modems.
    Huh. Friends is the second most watched show on Netflix? Huh. Googling around I found this “the Nielsen stats published by AdWeek showed Netflix users spent 52.08 billion minutes watching The Office. Friends came in second with a distant 32.6 billion minutes.” And doing the math in 2019, on Netflix alone, the human race spent a collective 61,982 years watching Friends this year. It also sounds like the Peacock streaming app might have a fighting chance if it gets both The Office and Friends, as those are both Netflix’s most watched shows.
    In your opinion, what are the most 90’s movies of all time?
    Any given Sunday. “Here sports dummies, here’s a movie!” What are some other films about a subject matter that you feel the director obviously has contempt for and/or feel that the director obvious has contempt for the fans of?
    POLL: Which is the better film, The Man in the Moon or the documentary about the making of Man in the Moon, Jim and Andy?
    Great Beyond by REM was for the Jim Carry film Man in the Moon which came out twenty years ago. [Sucks in teeth.] Is Great Beyond the last great REM song?
    Galaxy Quest was such an incredibly fun film but like most people I so wish it had stared the cast of TNG. I would gladly trade literally every TNG film for that. I quite agree that this film has Tim Allen’s best performance of all time but is this Sigourney Weaver’s sexiest role of all time? She’s gorgeous but I can’t think of her playing sex symbol roles that often.
    Adventures in Time: The National Geographic Millennium Special.
    Nine. Penelope Cruz. A call from the Vatican. “Move you a point on the Kinsey scale.”
    Up in the Air. Interesting. I’ve never considered using a film as a barometer for mental health before. Does anyone else do that with any other film?
    What is your favorite film for grown-ups?
    2009 Sherlock Holmes. One thing I liked about this was Victorian London. It is super easy for modern film makers to capture the brutal poverty of Victorian London because by modern standards it was but the inhabitants of the time did not think they were poor because London was the richest city on the planet; head of the global economy, birthplace of tons of the technological marvels of its time and capital of the largest empire in history. Yea, it was dirty and poor by 2019 standards but chances are 2019 downtown Manhattan will look utterly destitute to people of 2159. The 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie managed to capture the raw _power_ of the place, how it was seething with energy and drive and people _going_ somewhere. I’m not sure I can say that about any other film’s depiction of Victorian London. What is your favorite depiction of London in Victorian times?

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