Tom Cruise Says Penis, Malcolm Debuts in the Middle, and It’s Raining Frogs (Hallelujah!)

Jan. 3-9: Our first full episode of season 5, covering 1990, 2000, and 2010. Tom Cruise fights two wars – one in Vietnam, one against women, Tobey Maguire learns the cider house rules, Ethan Hawke solves a mystery and fights vampires, Tim Allen directs, Michael Cera revolts, and we try to figure out what the double rainbow across the sky means. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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7 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Says Penis, Malcolm Debuts in the Middle, and It’s Raining Frogs (Hallelujah!)

  1. While I’m glad you guys mentioned Axe Cop’s 10th anniversary, you guys completely forgot to mention the 20th anniversary of Homestar Runner (or at least, the website homestarrunner*com)

  2. Hearing Buffalo Springfield’s “For What it’s Worth” in the trailer for Born on the Fourth of July made me curious about when was the first time it was used to signfiy “HEY! It’s the Sixties! The Sixties, MAN!”. It appeared on some contemporary TV shows in the 1960’s when it was a fresh hit and then in a documentary about the 60’s (in 1973! Can you imagine a documentary about the 2010’s in three years?) but the first instance of it being used in the above context for a work of fiction seems to be in Coming Home from 1978 about a woman whose husband is fighting in Vietnam falls in love with another man who suffered a paralyzing combat injury there. And since then? 36 times. 36 times in docs and movies and TV shows it seems to have been used as a way to grab the audience by the hand to lead them down the period piece road.
    Hmm… now I’m curious what the last non-Classic Corner 80’s film is going to be covered on 302010 due to the wide-release delay for Oscar Bait films.
    Re: Chris’ rant at around the 19 minute mark about the Rock Hudson TV Movie. Someone needs to animate this.
    Sick of You by GWAR. First time I’ve heard this. Kind of like it.
    Blue (Dabadee) Eifel 65. What is wrong with this song?
    Snow Falling on Cedars. What is the best work of fiction about the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII?
    Malcolm in the Middle premiered at the time in my life when I watched less TV than at any other time. The whole 1998-2003 period is an era in which I stopped watching shows I had been watching for years (Friends, ER, the Simpsons) and hardly picked up any others. A few shows I went back and watched (like the Sopranos) but for the most part the combination of my final years of college/busy with my fraternity combined with me living overseas without access to American TV means I just don’t know many TV shows from this time period, Malcolm included. What is the period of your life in which you watched the least amount of TV and why?
    Mini series. FX. Fosse Verdon.
    I was thinking that the line, “Like my iPod stuck on replay” was going to be a zombie-line as the song remained popular but iPods faded into memory but it turns out that iPods are still very much a thing and being made. Huh. Does anyone own a new one?
    So Sarah has powerful views on Smash which she will tell us when they get to 2012. I’ve never heard of Smash myself and it got me wondering, what is the most obscure film/tv show/game that you have powerful views on?
    Daybreakers. I often like vampire fun. Anyone want to go to bat for this film?

  3. Good Moleman to you,

    Daybreakers isn’t an amazing movie, but it does some interesting stuff, and has two very notable scenes.
    One where Ethan Hawk and his brother (friend?) are ambushed in Hawk’s kitchen by a blood starved vampire. It’s very tense, and the practical effects are really well done.
    The other takes place near the end, where, no spoilers, a VERY satisfying blood bath occurs.

  4. Oh! I wrote my thesis in college about the Japanese Internment camps and how they received restitution, I had just finished it up in November of 2009. George Takei also helped write a biographical graphic novel about his time in the camps recently.

    I could never get into Malcolm. The youngest kid, Dewey used to freak me out so much, he looked exactly like my hyperactive nephew who used to drive me up the freakin’ wall around this time.

    Oh geez, Axe Cop. I tried to get into that b/c the grad student I had a crush on was into it. Nop.

  5. I’m a few weeks behind on 30/20/10 so apologies for the late comment! I want to talk about Youth in Revolt for a second.

    I read the book back in ‘04? ‘05? And LOVED it. It’s funny, absurd and a great ride. When they announced that this movie was being made I was so excited….and then I saw it. They aged up Michael Cera’s character…it was funnier because the character in the book was 13. Anyway, the cast is so good but it bastardized the book so much! I remember my boyfriend at the time couldn’t understand why I was screaming at the screen in anger haha

    Read the book if you can. It’s super underrated.

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