Tremors Rocks the Box Office, Boondocks Saints is Stupid, and Conan Steps Down From Tonight

Jan. 17-23: The Barr-Arnolds tie the knot, Antonio Banderas spans the decades, Cheers goes to Jeopardy, MTV goes unplugged, Homer gets a job, Ralph Fiennes has an affair, Angela’s Ashes gets adapted, the Boondock Saints are marching in, The Rock vs. The Tooth, I am Spartacus, and in praise of Bobby Bacala. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Tremors Rocks the Box Office, Boondocks Saints is Stupid, and Conan Steps Down From Tonight

  1. oooo I have some nominees for that lasertime episode about movies & TV that did better on video/dvd release: Election, Office Space, Family Guy.

    My favorite part of “Homer’s Odyssey” is when the crowd is absolutely heartbroken that Homer is “leaving them”. It’s hilarious.

    I read somewhere that Haiti is still a mess, and most of the money raised 10 years ago didn’t go to anything or was wasted. :/

  2. Rosanne and Tom Arnold got married. I too remember them being everywhere. Is there any celebrity couple that is comparable today?
    Indictment: The McMartin Trial. Free on Prime!
    Brain Dead. Sounds batshit insane and pretty trippy. Anyone willing to go to bat for that film?
    Tremors (“The Floor is Lava: The Movie.”) is everything a B movie needs to be great. The characters are fun to be around, the situation is treated with the right degree of seriousness and levity, and the special effects still hold up after 30 years. This film was in regular rotation at my house when I was young and I think it may have earned the coveted “bought on VHS so I can watch it whenever I want” award, the highest honor 12 year old me could give a film. And Burt Gummer is just a fun character. It’s from the sequel but I still love the exchange
    Burt Gummer: You know, she actually blames our problems on the collapse of the Soviet Union!
    Earl Bassett: Well, you did take that kinda hard, Burt…
    Oh, and the film has some of the best gun safety I’ve ever seen an actor portray a character as having. Burt gives a kid an unloaded gun to convince him to run from the graboids. The kids runs, realizes it’s unloaded, and when they are safe slaps the gun into Burt’s hand and yells at him for giving him an unloaded gun. And Burt … checks to make sure it’s unloaded. He purposely gave the kid an unloaded gun, the kid tells him it was unloaded, and he still checks it because that’s what you should always do. It’s a great touch for the character, honestly.
    Cliff goes on Jeopardy. I remember this episode so clearly but what I remember best is that Alex Trebek he did the spiel about quitting Jeopardy because him coming into Cheers and seeing Cliff again was a complete coincidence. Scarred of the loony man he just made up stuff until Cliff talked him out of it and then ran off shouting, “I saved Jeopardy!” Hmm… What was Cheer’s best season?
    SNL. The Continental.
    MTV Unplugged debuted with the Squeeze. What is your favorite Unplugged song?
    Has there ever been a good Jekyll and Hyde movie? Thinking it over; maybe the issue is that almost every J&H movie misses the point of being Mr. Hyde. In the novel Mr. Hyde doesn’t have super-human strength or other powers and while he is described as ugly he’s not a literal monster. Mr. Hyde’s real purpose is that he allows Dr. Jekyll to be as big of a degenerate asshole as he wants without suffering damage to his reputation, something incredibly important in Victorian England to a man of Dr. Jekyll’s class. So basically a J&H movie needs to be; What if a certain type of person could behave in real life the way they behave on the internet?
    Angela’s Ashes was my first real experience to “misery porn” although that was because I listened to the book rather than saw the movie. I was 19 or 20 at the time and my conception of poverty didn’t really extend much outside of depictions of Victorian London in Charles Dickens films or commercials about starving Ethiopians but neither of those was that “real” to me. But listening to hour after hour of gut retching problems the protagonists encountered in childhood due to being born into a poor family it “clicked” and the grinding poverty that is so common to much of the world became “real” to my mind. What portrayal of poverty in media felt the most real to you?

    Boondock’s Saint 1. Great DP. Is super stupid. Like a todler wrote it. “Overnight” is a great film about making a bad film. Harvey Weinstien is the villian in it.

    Saved By the Bell: New Class Graduation. While I’ve enjoyed “Zach Morris is Trash” is there anything minable in the New Class?
    The hosts forgot to mention the most awesome part of “Jack of All Trades” – the Theme Song! It was nominated for the “Outstanding Main Theme Title Song” Emmy in 2000, but lost to The West Wing and honestly it was robbed as it’s a much cooler theme than The West Wing’s somber tones. The show does not take itself the least bit seriously and, and I think this also wasn’t mentioned, it’s a half hour action show which is pretty darn rare and may have worked against it as 22 minutes isn’t a lot of time to put together an action story. “Jack” very much wanted to be Hercules-and-Xena-in-1800 which isn’t surprising given that the show’s producers were the showrunners of Xena 5th season …. which was considered a dud and as a result they were “Promoted to Siberia” to make Jack of All Trades.

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