It’s Super Bowl Time, Morgan Freeman Drives Jessica Tandy, and a New Take on the Dracula Legend

Jan. 24-30: Willem Defoe is a vampire, Crockett and Tubbs end an era, a record-breaking Super Bowl, Bette Midler and Nathan Lane camp it up, D’Angelo makes the ladies swoon, Mel Gibson’s back – sorta, Kristen Bell has too many dates, Itchy and Scratchy star in “Cat Splat Fever,” Jon Hamm hocks meat products, and Richie Aprile’s staring at you with his Manson lamps. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “It’s Super Bowl Time, Morgan Freeman Drives Jessica Tandy, and a New Take on the Dracula Legend

  1. Guys, loved the discussion about Miami Vice. I have never watched it, because I’m 21, but it was a show that part of the British lexicon of “Shows set anywhere but England” there was a lot of them in the 80’s, Neighbours, Cagney and Lacey, Dallas, Dynasty and numerous other shows. It’s a interesting thing I always thought about, Shows popular in other countries.

  2. Driving Miss Daisy. “And he can’t even read.” The movie starts in 1948 and if Morgan Freedman’s character was as old as the actor playing him (Morgan was 52 in 1989) then his character was born in 1896. That was a period in which almost all the gains of the Reconstruction Era had been crushed by the so-called “Redeemers” and that was true for the Black Schools system in the South as well. In the year his character was born, around half of the adult African-Americans he grew up around would have been unable to read. That number would drop throughout his life but by the time the movie was set 10% of adult African-Americans could not read. That number was not only greater in the South where he lives but was also much higher for older and middle-aged African-Americans like him. So for a man like him in his time and place to be unable to read would not have been exactly typical but it wouldn’t have been exactly really surprising either.
    Also when it comes to “Driving Miss Daisy” I’m pretty sure I remember this In Living Color sketch better than the actual film.
    Has any TV show been as synonymous with a decade as Miami Vice was for the 1980’s? It did popularize everything it touched (music, fashion, Miami to a degree) and when people go to 80’s parties in blazers with the sleeves rolled up they really are just cos-playing a specific show in a way I’m not sure is regularly done for any other decade. Can you think of any other show where people do that? Also, I have never seen a single episode of Miami Vice. Can anyone recommend a specific episode? Also, Miami has a “Casablanca vibe” because it’s, to a significant degree, an offshoot of the Caribbean which makes it rather unique for major American cities.
    90 Super bowl halftime marching bands. This is RIGHT before the Super Bowl Halftime became the SUPERBOWL HALFTIME as we know it. Next year, ’91 they would get New Kids on the Block, then in ’92 go back to bands, but then in ’93 it was Michael Jackson and since then they’ve always gone big. It was in that period that In Living Color did a Halftime counterprograming show and I’m pretty sure that was what convinced the NFL that it had to go big on the halftime show ever since.
    First appearance of Itchy and Scratchy! What is your favorite Itchy and Scratchy clip?
    Happy Little Elves. Do they have any worth? I mean, not everything the Simpsons did in season 1 has to create value for 30 years but did they create any value even in season 1? I mean, “Kids like stupid and cheap animation” is a valid point to make for the decade that gave us He-Man (literally unwatchable for me as an adult, it’s that bad) but even as a joke creation the HLE seem pretty lame.
    The Mario Ad. I don’t think any ad ever made as big an impact at my Elementary School as this one did. We read Nintendo Power but actually seeing a commercial for it created shockwaves and everybody starting talking about it the next day. Some of us hadn’t seen it and quizzed the people who had for every last detail. But of course there weren’t any real details in the commercial for them to give us. But we didn’t want that to be true so we kept quizzing them and asking more inane question. And of course there was no way to check if what they said was true until the commercial just randomly appeared on some random show we were watching.
    Bette Midler and Nathan Lane in a film about the making of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? What a great cast and great idea. Shame it apparently sucks. I’ve never actually seen Beyond the Valley of the Dolls though. Anyone want to go to bat for me giving it a watch?
    Shadow of the Vampire. I had forgotten this existed. Never saw it but was always intrigued by the concept.
    What show have you watched the entire run of the most number of times? For me it’s the Sopranos which I have watched 4 times in its entirety and am considering a 5th (and would definitely do so if Chris and Sarah do a mini-series covering the show).
    Warren Zevon – My Shit’s Fucked Up What are some good songs about illness?

  3. Hey y’all, your friendly kids horror enthusiast here to talk about something a little off brand, Dragon Warrior Monsters. That game means a real lot to me. Besides Pokémon, it was the first game I remember me and a small group of friends playing religiously and printing out guides to breeding the monsters to get the best results. Dragon warrior monsters is also in one of my favorite memories of being at a middle school dance and standing in the corner with my two best friends and forsaking the dancing for link battling. I could go on for a while but I think I’ll leave it there, but I’ll be back in force come April until then, stay spooky.

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