Denzel Washington is Dead, Sabre Takes Control of The Office, and the Best-Selling PC Game of All Time

Jan. 31-Feb. 6: Dennis Hopper’s Midnight Run, Scream follows the trilogy rules, Willem Dafoe fights for the Nazis (but not that way), The Sopranos take a trip, Lil Wayne and Jeff Bridges both strap on guitars, Channing Tatum gets a letter, The Sims simulate being a slob, Claire Danes loves cattle, Must See TV’s full of guest stars, and a Denzel comedy we’re not making up, we swear. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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4 thoughts on “Denzel Washington is Dead, Sabre Takes Control of The Office, and the Best-Selling PC Game of All Time

  1. Appreciated the Modern Family shout out. Most people tend to just sneer at it, but I swear the first two seasons of that show are so underrated and are well worth a rewatch. I think most people mentally file it under ‘extremely mediocre’ because thats what it became as of season 3. The characters got flanderised so quickly and the plotlines became much wackier as it went on, but those first two seasons feel much more authentic and well-observed.

  2. What I really remember from the first McDonald’s opening in the Soviet Union was the SNL sketch where they said the prize in the happy meal was soap. Not on the internet apparently though.
    I remember trying to watch Heart Condition with Denzel Washington and Bob Hoskins because it stared “That Roger Rabbit dude!” but I think I was a little young for it. But hearing you guys talk about it makes me really want to watch it. So many things, so little time.
    The Black Scorpion ends MST3K season 1. I’m a huge Mistie fan but I’ve never watched a single season 1 episode. Does anyone think one of them in particular is worth watching?
    “You made me bleed my own blood.” It’s amazing the sheer number of amazing Characters that the Simpsons introduced in the first season and Nelson Muntz is definitely one of them. Bart was theoretically the “bad boy” but as one of the main characters he at least had to have his heart in the right place by the _end_ of most episodes but having a character whose chief attribute is that he’s a bully allowed the writers to get in much more sadistic jokes than they could without him.
    “Vampire sensuality” and “Pirate violence.” Those are some very very specific warnings. Any other ones?
    I loved Scream 1, loved Scream 2, but never got around to watching Scream 3. What trilogies have you watched the first two of but never watched the final one of? What made you stop at 2?
    Sliders finale. I was such an an alternate history fan at the time that I regularly posted to an AH newsgroup and we _mocked_ every last episode of sliders to such an extent that the punch line to that old joke, “And such small portions!” comes to mind.
    The Sims came out when I was in a fraternity. The biggest, heftiest dude in the fraternity, the biggest party animal, the biggest drinker, he was the one who got a copy of it and started playing it the morning. I went out, can’t remember what I did, went to some party or something, and I came back eventually at 3 AM and he was STILL playing it. This was a guy who almost never gamed so I asked him why he had been playing it so long and he said something like, “I don’t know. Why am I playing this?” It was then that I knew that was going to be a huge game.
    The Sims horror movie.
    Frozen (2010) – I always wanted to see this but I also remember some news report in 2015 of people putting the wrong version of Frozen in the wrong DVD when they returned it to blockbuster so little kids would get the wrong film. Not sure if they really happened or it was an urban legend.

  3. That fucking Creed song. I know its every nook and cranny, every up and down. My first year roommate had a 50 CD changer—not too common in 2000, but not unheard of—but he only filled about 20 of its slots, and it was _always on._ It was filled with Jars of Clay and Creed and probably Puddle of Mudd and Matthew Good too (ruining him for me forevermore, a mark on my permanent Canadian record), and after eight months of that, it all sort of started to blur together, a horrible miasma of late 90s, sometimes-Christian, heavy rock.

    Some people think letters have an inherent colour, called Synesthesia, but this miasma of music got driven into my _soul_ to the point that I felt that _a particular set of music_ had a colour—a sort of baby-shit brown that’s featured heavily on the album art to Creed’s Human Clay: Human Clay.

    To my dying day, I bear that stain: a baby-shit brown stain from music, burned into me for a full year of my life.

  4. Waaait, sarah missed First Wives Club since it was a 1996 movie.

    I just saw a commercial for Heart Condition and was so excited that you guys were going to bring it up when I realized it was a 1990 movie. Wanted to hear Chris laugh at the KFC joke.

    I loved the original Oxygen channel, pre trashy reality tv. There used to be this cartoon on there called “Pond Life” that I would watch on there, and I think there were a series were Oprah learned how to use the internet?! And on the bottom of the screen there would be a black bar that had facts about the show on it?

    Those Jean Smart episodes of Frasier always depress me. I discovered them back when I was unemployed and her episodes were always on Lifetime in the mornings.

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