Dearly Beloved – Vidjagame Apocalypse 354

Today is Valentine’s Day, so let’s take a look at some of gaming’s most iconic couples, with help from Larry Charles of Striking Distance Studios. We then take a close look at Dreams, Geoff Keighley’s departure from E3, and your favorite Black videogame heroes.

Question of the Week: Who’s your favorite couple (canonical or ‘shipped by you) in videogames?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Eyes On Me by Nobuo Uematsu.


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6 thoughts on “Dearly Beloved – Vidjagame Apocalypse 354

  1. gonna be interested in hearing this list…cause thinking about it I really can’t think of real couples in gaming, haha.

  2. ‪QOTW: I totally love Nate & Elena from the Uncharted series. As much as I know they’ll split up at the start of a game, I equally know they’ll get back together by the end of the one I’m currently playing. Both of them are clearly in love with each other, but they are also clearly in love with the thrill of adventure‬. I’m not sure that their on /off relationship is particularly healthy, but their banter when they’re together is always a delight. Kudos to Naughty Dog for making such a believable couple.

  3. QOTW: Special shout out to Leon and Ada, sure in reality Leon’s just a dog chasing a car when it comes to them actually ending up together, but a man can dream. Okay fun aside my real answer is Geralt and Yennefer, you mainly see their relationship evolve in the books and during “The Last Wish” quest in the Witcher 3 you really see everything come together…. if you want it to. Regardless I love these two together and love seeing my Geralt end up happy with her

  4. (if i’m not too late)
    QOTW: Paladin Danse and Elder Maxson from Fallout 4. Spoiler alert!

    My headcanon is these 2 are totally on the down low (or if not, they definitely have kept their feelings hidden from each-other. Lots of alpha-male sexual tension).
    There’s a whole slew of slash fiction and fanart on this pairing.

    They’re both part of the Brotherhood of Steel, a militant faction who wants to rid the world of abominations that have become rampant in the world post-war.
    It is revealed that Maxons right hand man, Danse, is a synth (Danse had his memory wiped, and is unaware he’s not human prior to this).

    Maxson quickly turns on him, and wants him dead. Depending on how you play your Sole Survivor, you can chose to spare your friend Danse, or fall in line with Maxsons ideology.
    The speech Maxson gives when giving this ultimatum is so full of the feels, because of how angry and hateful he is. You could replace “synth” with “gays” or another race, and it fits.
    Here’s a link:

    Whether you end up having Danse die, or exiled from the Brotherhood, my head canon is Maxson had a big ugly-cry in his quarters later on.
    Maybe after Danse has moved on and more aligned with the Minutemen, Maxson sees the errors of his ways and holds up a boombox outside his window. I dunno. *shrugs*

    Also, not for nothing, but they look rly cute together.

  5. Kudos to you for exposing the world to the Streets of Rage 3 soundtrack as the bgm for this podcast episode. I gotta say, I love that soundtrack so much that I personally listen to it quite frequently, but I don’t know if it makes for the best bgm to talk over on a podcast. It’s just too frenetic.

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