La Femme Nikita Debuts, Kevin Smith Sells Out, and Wonder Boys Features a Ton of Future Marvel Heroes

Feb. 21-27: Rutger Hauer invents a new sport, Jebediah Springfield loses his head, Midwesterners make a movie and so does Bono, Jennifer Lopez wears THAT dress, Milli Vanilli embarrass the Grammys, a modern bad movie classic attacks with gifs, Ben Affleck plays Reindeer Games, Woody Harrelson is a superhero, and the best kissing montage ever. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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7 thoughts on “La Femme Nikita Debuts, Kevin Smith Sells Out, and Wonder Boys Features a Ton of Future Marvel Heroes

  1. “Where the Heart Is.” Sounds like the film is rightfully forgotten but I do wonder what Back to the Future 2 would have looked like if Crispin Glover hadn’t thought he had more leverage than he actually had?
    Mountains of the Moon. I’m surprised that a film this highly rated, about a subject I’m interested in, is completely unknown to me. I’ve got to find time to try and watch it.
    Salute of the Jugger. What is your favorite fictional sport?
    NON-302010: Is there any way that the lives of the German people _as a whole_ are worse in the Chamberverse Timeline than in OTL in the 1916-1956 period?
    La Femme Nikita. Good at being an assasin but not unfeeling.
    Cinema Paradiso. This is sacrilege, but there is no way I’m watching the Director’s cut. It’s conceivably possible that I MIGHT find the chance to use two hours to watch this film, but three? Probably not. Cosi va’l mondo! Roger Ebert, “Yet anyone who loves movies is likely to love “Cinema Paradiso,” and there is one scene where the projectionist finds that he can reflect the movie out of the window in his booth and out across the town square so that the images can float on a wall, there in the night above the heads of the people. I saw a similar thing happen one night in Venice in 1972 when they showed Chaplin’s “City Lights” in the Piazza San Marco to more than 10,000 people, and it was then I realized the same thing this movie argues: Yes, it is tragic that the big screen has been replaced by the little one. But the real shame is that the big screens did not grow even bigger, grow so vast they were finally on the same scale as the movies they were reflecting.”
    Milli Vanilli won the Best New Artist aware at the 1990 Grammys BUT 9 months later they will be stripped of it and as far as I can tell the Grammy’s never awarded that year’s aware to one of the runner-ups; Neneh Cherry, Indigo Girls. Tone Lōc, Soul II Soul, so officially there were no good new artists in 1990
    Damn Yankee’s – This is the second supergroup in a row that I was not consciously aware of existing but whose songs I have heard many many times.
    Fred Savage on SNL. Apparently he’s only the third youngest kid to ever host SNL with both ET-era and Home Alone-era Macaulay Culkin being younger than him. My memory is his was the best.
    Simpsons’ Telltale Head. I remember watching this episode with my father and him laughing and laughing and I was so happy at his laughter because we never watched cartoons together. And then we watched the next episode “Life on the Fast Lane” and I’m not sure he laughed once. And I’m not sure we ever watched the Simpsons together again after that.
    The writer of Wonder Boys went on to write Harry Potter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , both Part 1 and Part of 7? Damn. I’d love to hear his story. Is there any good documentary on the making of the Harry Potter films as a whole complete series?
    My kids (ages 7 & 9) are aware of the Holocaust and are aware that their Mom’s grandparents personally managed to survive it but we haven’t exposed them to any of the god-awful imagery of it yet. Just feel they are too young, however it is a “yet” as eventually we will. But there isn’t much bad imagery in The Diary of Anne Frank so perhaps we’ll show that to them. Also, I found this short story about what Ann Frank’s life could have been like if she had survived to be very touching;
    Kevin Smith on working with Bruce Willis on Cop Out. I can’t find the “two hour” answer to “What it’s like to work with Bruce Willis?” and I’d love to listen to it while on a jog. Anyone know where I can get it?
    I’ve been aware of Birdemic for a decade now but have never put it on during a “Bad Movie Night.” What is the next bad movie you intend to watch?
    What was the most relaxing game you have ever played? For me it was Endless Ocean 2. I got it when I was feeling extremely stressed for the express purpose of chilling and I really didn’t want to play it. Like, I got it, so I consciously wanted to play it in order to get myself to relax, but every time I thought about actually doing so my mind darted to something else. Eventually I noticed this pattern (it’s not at all unusual for your mind to resist things you think are going to be good for you) and just forced myself to play it and it was exactly what I needed. Once I got over the hump and actually played Endless Ocean 2 it was pure calmness and gave me a feeling of relaxation that no other game has managed to meet.

  2. Allow me to speak to no one while I talk about Animorphs:
    Animorphs is about a group of young teens that get the power to turn into animals to fight aliens that take over your brain.
    Probably one of the few kids book series to be seriously hampered by it’s reading level. If it were to be rewritten, while still keeping the same story, and put out as a netflix series or something, it would be a hard R, dealing with how war destroys people, and the effect it can have on people’s minds.
    For example, Ratchel the valley girl character, gets really into the fight. At first it’s played off as going headlong into adventure, but as the books go on, the war has actually awakened a thrill in killing. She simply loves to kill, a fact their leader (and her cousin), exploits in order to get things done, at the expense of her own mental health. Their leader, btw, which commits a war crime (noted as such in the books) by slaughtering tens of thousands of helpless enemies by putting them out an airlock.

    That’s just the tip, but I feel the series really helped instill in me what actual war was like, and the effects it can have on those who fight.

  3. I found a THREE hours YouTube clip of Kevin Smith ranting about Bruce Willis, I only remember it from his book, so I may have to revisit it.

    I don’t recall Wonderboys being the classic the Gang seems to think it is. I’ll re-watch Birdemic before I give that a try!

  4. Best New Artist is such a dumb category. I think of how the 2020 Grammys nominated Lizzo for best new artist when she had 2 albums and 1 ep before 2019. And why do you need to award someone for being new? Imagine a best new actor. Ok, stepping off that soapbox.

    Bruce Willis is notoriously difficult to work with now. I’ve heard that he will do anything that requires his face in the shot but will have doubles do shots that don’t require his presence. I think he knows he’s made his money and just phones it in now.

  5. I played Once Bitten Twice Shy and Sister Christian on Rick Band a little while ago, and realized I had never really heard the songs, I think I just remembered them from Rock Ballad collection commercials, like Sarah said.

    Chris is right about Cop Out, it’s not a terrible movie on its own, but it doesn’t have much Kevin Smith feel. Zach and Miri at least had some Kevin Smith feel to it, even if it felt too much like Judd Apatow.

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