Tom Hanks falls in love, Gary Sinise finally makes it to space, and it’s fun to remember Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me

March 6-12: Rob Lowe is a bad influence, The Handmaid’s Tale’s first adaptation, Kid ‘n Play have a party, Johnny Depp opens a hellgate, Sean Penn rocks out, Matt Damon goes to war yet again, Zach Galifinakis is live, and we are down with the sickness. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “Tom Hanks falls in love, Gary Sinise finally makes it to space, and it’s fun to remember Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me

  1. Lithuania declares independence and gets a tensely worded post card from the USSR. The collapse of the Soviet Union just shows the power of belief. When people BELIEVED in communism they were willing to kill literally tens of millions of their own citizens to try to bring it about. But over time the true believers died of the gulog or old age and were replaced by people who didn’t believe to the point where, non-metaphorically, the regime just couldn’t find anyone who was willing to kill for communism anymore at which point it all just collapsed upon itself.
    Love at Large was a noir film set in the modern day but unfortunately it doesn’t sound like it was very good. Are there any good noir films that have been set in the 21st century? (Insert clever person suggesting “Blade Runner” here.)
    Bad Influence (Where both James Spader and Rob Lowe play yuppie scum). Who is your favorite yuppie scum character of all time?
    The Handmaid’s Tale 1990. There have been other sci-fi stories about female repression but this seems to be the most famous one. Any theories on why it came to be seen as the prime example of female repression sci-fi?
    House Party. As shocking as I’m sure this might be… I didn’t go to a lot of parties in High School. In fact, I can only recall one honest-to-goodness High School party I ever went to and that had the parents’ home. For those who did, what is the biggest differences between real high school parties where the parents are absent and those in movies and tv?
    POLL! What do you think is the best Perry Masson title? Perry Mason and the Case of the Desperate Deception.
    Woodie Allen’s Sweet and Low Down. “Shoot rats down by the dump.” Has anyone here ever shot rats by the dump or dump like location? Fun or not fun?
    Joe vs. the Volcano. I just re-watched this and while I’m not going to say it’s an underrated classic, I also don’t think it’s a genuinely BAD film. There are numerous parts of it that are just wonderful in fact. The place Tom Hanks works at is stylized and dirty and cramped in a great visual that lets us know why he would be willing to end his life in a volcano. And spinning the “Do not touch” thing and then saying, “Nothing happened. You know how long I was waiting to what would happen if I did that?” Who hasn’t thought about some equivalent of doing that? The fake verdict he is given, “a brain cloud” in the pre-google world is genius and I have desired the premier steamer trunk luggage for 30 years. Plus some lines of dialogue (“I have no response to that.”) made me crack up in 2020. I think it’s a good film but with a few more drafts it could have been a great one. Oh, and Hanks’ character has a very clear case of manic-depressive disorder, and seen through that lens, a lot of his decisions make more sense.
    Momma’s Family ends. When I was young I had a ridiculous amount of free time. So much free time that I would watch garbage like this, that I did not enjoy, simply because it was on and now that mindset is alien to me. Today, every hour I have that I can spend on media is very precious to me and I only spend it on stuff that I really want to watch just because my brain almost never stops shouting, “IT’S ALMOST TOMORROW!” at me so watching garbage TV that doesn’t give me joy? Utterly alien. I literally cannot put myself in that mindset anymore. It’s like trying to picture a color that I had never seen or to think in a language I have never heard.
    “Down with the sickness.” Apparently there is a spoken segment near the end of the song that describes a child who is physically abused by his mother (and who then retaliates). I’ve only ever heard the radio version so I was not aware of this until now.
    What was your most shameful media purchase of all time? For me… Son of the Beach. So… (deep breath) I bought the DVD for season 1 of this TV show. I heard about it while living in Japan (they had an episode that mentioned Osama bin Laden and that got “banned” after 9-11) and as I couldn’t watch it in those pre-streaming days, so I just bought the DVD’s for it when I moved back to the US. I think someone actually said the equivalent of, “Why the hell do you have the DVD’s for that trash can fire of a show” to me when they saw my DVD collection and I sold it soon after.
    God the Devil and Bob. Was not a great adult animation show but it _was_ an adult animation show at a time when those were pretty rare. If they had cast Norm MacDonald in the role of Bob instead of French Stewart, it would have been comedy gold!
    Coal Miner’s Daughter. Much like quantum physics, I can grasp the math that results in films from the 1980’s now being on Classic Corner, but I am nevertheless mildly offended by the result. ‘
    920. Cabinet of Dr. Cagliari. “If you like Tim Burton, you have to see it.” I have consistently watched 1 full length silent film per decade for the last three decades (the 1990’s, the 2000’s, and the 2010’s) I guess this will be the fourth for the 2020’s!
    “Our Family Wedding” is about a Black-Latino wedding. Are there any good film about an interracial couple getting married? As a counter-example, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ isn’t really about an interracial couple getting married, it’s about IF an interracial couple will get permission from the father of the bride to get married and we never see the wedding itself.
    “She’s Outa His League.” The single best piece of dating advice I have ever gotten in my entire life was, “If you are not happy with the type of people you have found who are willing to date you, you need to either up your game or lower your standards.”

  2. My wife watched “Remember Me” a couple weeks ago while I was working out of town. She did NOT know the twist and was very upset with the ending of this film. She called me immediately after watching to tell me all about it.

  3. Mission to Mars was the first time I saw a release date for the year 2000 on a movie poster. I spent A TON of time in movie theaters in the late 90s, and saw lots of posters. But actually seeing something with a date that didn’t begin with “19” was super weird. In fact, here we are in 2020, a full twenty years beyond “The Twentieth Century” and it still feels strange to say “Twenty-First Century.”

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