Lost Media – Laser Time #406

Children of the 80s had VHS. Kids of the 90s grew up with the internet. So how is it possible for any movie, TV show, or video game to completely disappear in a digital era? Turns out the missing media phenomena isn’t exclusive to old timey film nitrates or video tapes, as you’ll find out in Laser Time’s exploration of Lost Media old and new!


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7 thoughts on “Lost Media – Laser Time #406

  1. I have the ET DVD that comes with the original and the “Special” edition. When I see the Bluray versions now I wonder which version it is, the box doean’t say, so it’s impossible to tell what they consider to be the “standard” version now. The new Star Wars Bluray releases don’t say anything about being special editions, but you know those would tell you if they were the real ones that we want. We need version numbers on our movies, now.

  2. My lost media white whale?

    King Koopa’s Kool Kartoons, basically an attempt to make King Koopa the new Bozo the Clown on the heels of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, airing over one fall/winter in the Los Angeles/SoCal area on Fox 11. A man dressed in a King Koopa costume would do skits, throw to cartoons, and talk with a puppet in front of an audience of kids in Koopa hats.

    For the longest time there was no footage online, and very little written. Finally someone uploaded the intro, and a little while later someone uploaded another minute or so long clip from an episode. As far as I know, that’s all that’s out there.


    Before any of that was on the Internet I would occasionally search and search to confirm for myself it wasn’t a wild dream I had as a kid. Some day I hope the full story of its conception is told, as it’s one of the wilder branches of Mario marketing back when Nintendo didn’t have everything locked down and consistent.


  3. There’s a huge amount of sports that are still being found that were believed lost.
    Game 7 of the 1960 World Series was found in Bing Crosby’s archives a decade ago.

    There is a surviving tape of Super Bowl I that was assumed lost for decades that popped up a few years back, that the NFL is fighting the release of due to copyright

  4. I’ve read before that Johnny Carson’s first year? or first few episodes of Tonight Show? was recorded over.

    Craig Kilborn’s Daily Shows are gone, creator Madeline Smithberg has claimed that she has them all on vhs. There’s a couple of episodes on archive.org, but that’s it for online.

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