Solitude is Underrated – Vidjagame Apocalypse 359

Half the world is on lockdown right now, and the only way through this mess is to band together… by staying separate. But sometimes there’s power in isolation, and we’re here to help you through it with five games that used themes of solitude and loneliness to tell unforgettable stories. Then we’ll look at the recently unveiled details on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, spend some time on Nioh 2, and revisit the games from your childhood you keep coming back to.

Question of the Week: Based on what’s been revealed so far, which upcoming console interests you more?


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4 thoughts on “Solitude is Underrated – Vidjagame Apocalypse 359

  1. QOTW: This generation, Microsoft announced that all major Xbox exclusives would be coming to PC, and that major titles like future Halo and Gears sequels would be available on both Xbox and PC from day one. Given how excellent their support for PC has been in recent years (an unexpected change after the disastrous Games for Windows days), I’m inclined to continue to support Microsoft… by buying their games on PC, not Xbox Series X. Sorry, Microsoft, you made it too easy for me not to invest in you guys. But I suppose with all the money you get from my Game Pass sub, you don’t really care? You won either way.

    I’ll get a PS5, maybe. With multiplat games and crossplay being far more common, I’m inclined just to invest in my desktop PC for the next gen. If Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding on PC are any indication, I may not need to dip my toes into Sony’s pool to enjoy their software next gen, either.

  2. Next gen I’m probably going with Xbox. I was a Nintendo kid growing up, and played Xbox in high school and college, so the PlayStation 4 is actually the first PlayStation I’ve ever owned. I’m in Chris’s camp regarding story-based games, so the only PS4 exclusive I played was Bloodborne. Meanwhile I missed out on some of my favorite series this generation, like Halo and Forza, and I even wanted to play the new Crackdown. One other factor, which I don’t see talked about a lot, is that I like the Xbox controller layout much more than the DualShock design. So I’m planning to go back to Xbox for the next generation.

  3. I want to comment on the Gone Home hate as I want to offer a different view on it.

    I played the game since it was given for free. I remember the talk about the game but I was not spoiled on it luckily. It was a good game. I enjoyed how the story as well. With that being said, I am not white, I did not grow up in Portland or the US, I did not grow up listening to punk. A lot of the themes that hit home for people did not do it for me past the basic empathy I felt.

    The game simply did not speak to me the same way it spoke to most game reviewers (who I assume had similar background to the game creator) and that is why I don’t view it as the big deal that many make it up to be.

    Hopefully sharing my side and view on the game helps. I am used to viewing and understanding why many people would like something without me understanding it. So I hope people can have a better understanding now on why some of the things they like don’t click with others.

    Side note, I ran into similar issues with the movie Lady Bird. I been told that people grew up knowing people like the ones in the movie and they can identify with them. On the other side, I have a hard time getting people The Wire despite me seeing it as the best TV show ever made.

    Love you guys and keep up the good work. Thanks for doing the black history month episodes. You are the allies we need in this world.

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