Ali G Gets a Show, John Cusack Invents the Listicle, and the Highest Grossing Independent Movie Stars Turtles

March 27-April 2: Eric Idle’s on the run, Mickey Rourke is in a skinamax classic, failed TV with great casts, Joshua Jackson’s in a secret society, we’re on the road to El Dorado, Miley Cyrus sings the last song, Mads Mikkelsen’s a viking, titans will clash, Dana Carvey gets a vehicle, Jennifer Love Hewitt has breakfast at Tiffany’s, and an entire movie about beach volleyball? All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Ali G Gets a Show, John Cusack Invents the Listicle, and the Highest Grossing Independent Movie Stars Turtles

  1. Nuns on the Run. So why do movies think nuns are funny?
    Around what age did you start reading or watching reviews? As a kid who discovered SNL during the Dana Carvery years I was super excited to see Opportunity Knocks and I desperately wanted to like it. I wasn’t really wasn’t able to force my parents to take me to many movies, and was too young to do so myself, so I had to wait for video. But I wasn’t really connected to the world of reviews so I was still excited to rent it when it arrived in the video store. Then I watched it and remember a big sense of disappointment and I think I soon began watching Siskel and Ebert soon after and started to have a vague general sense of how good movies I never saw were.
    Arm-Wrestling: Over the Top starring Sylvester Stallone.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie. OK … TMNT is one of my first “romantic” memories, which may partially explain why I don’t have many romantic memories until college. First, this was a huge film for me and my friend because we were such huge TMNT fans and the fact that they made a live action film out of it made us desperately want to go as soon as possible so we begged out parents to let us see it by ourselves. Looking back we may not have had to have begged that hard (what parent in 1990 was dying to watch it?) and dropped us off at the theatre 1 HOUR before the film started so we could get the best seats. But my friend had invited some friends I didn’t know very well. Some female friends. And even though it totally wasn’t, my 11-year old mind built it up to be almost like a date. I mean, taking a girl to the movies was what a date was, right? And I was sitting next to this one girl who was cute and we were watching a movie, so it was practically a date right? Well… about 50 minutes before the film started I spilled my GIANT soda all over the floor and then right afterwards I spilled all my extra buttery popcorn in the same location and that area of the floor became like a slip and slide. Being 11-year olds we took advantage of this and began sliding back and forth and back and forth. And as I with this girl who I was _practically_ on a date with, obviously I had to do the most extreme sliding around, right? I proceeded to slide and flail with all the grace you can imagine an 11-year with hormones coursing through his body for the first time would do and ….yea… would it shock you to learn that I don’t think my sliding on spilled popcorn and soda impressed her to the point where there was ever a second “date”? But nevertheless I still felt the first stirrings of romantic attraction at the TMNT premiere so I had that going for me which is nice.
    Side question: Dinsoaurs the TV show did have puppet leads. Other than TMNT is there any movie where the _leads_ (not the side characters but the lead and/or leads) were puppets?
    Final side note: “This is my favorite talk about the True Meaning of the Ninja Turtles”
    Baghadad Café. When I was growing it seemed like there were a significant number of TV shows based on Movies, from huge culture defining ones like MASH to utterly forgotten attempts like Baby Boom but it seems with the exception of Wet Hot American Summer, that just isn’t done much anymore. Why did it (almost) die out?
    Carol & Company. I am the youngest person I know who has strong views on the comedic genius of Carol Burnett and it was 100% due to this show. I never watched any of her other shows but I remember stumbling across this in 1990 and loving it. I was really confused by the anthology format but quickly grew to love it. What are your feelings on Carol Burnett and what work of hers do you like the best?

    On the Television – I watched sooooooooooooo much Nick at Night. Looking back on it, I could have learned to speak Spanish with the time I spent on such cultural gems as “Car 64 Where Are You?” and “Mister Ed,” and the rest but as they say, youth is wasted on the young. So of course when they came out with something original I fell in love with it too and thought it was comedic genius. POLL: If you had to guess, how much TOTAL hours of Nick At Night did you watch in your life:
    Not a significant amount.
    130 hrs: An average of ½ hour a day, five days a week for a year.
    260 hrs: An average of 1 hour a day, five days a week for a year.
    520 hrs: An average of 1 hour a day, five days a week for two years.
    ~1000 hrs: An average of 2 hours a day, five days a week for two years.
    ~2000 hrs: An average of 2 hours a day, five days a week for four years.
    2000+ hrs.

    Social Distortion – Ball and Chain – I think music is the easiest genre to explore depression in. It’s really hard to get people to watch a film about someone who doesn’t want to do anything (because most drama is about taking action and being depressed means you don’t really want to take action) but a 3 minute song seems like it is a lot easier to digest, artistically speaking:
    Road to Eldorado. Is really good solid road film, and it’s up there in the top two for best animated road trip film. What is your favorite road movie?
    High Fidelity. Did you ever want to do what John Cusack did in this film? I saw this film, and missing the point, immediately wanted to call up all my exes and find out what I did wrong. Lol. Oh past me. Also when was the last time you made a mix tape/cd? Mine was 2005 for my then girlfriend, now wife. Final question: Would his record store survive to the present day?
    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster as the chick equivalent of the Scarface poster.” Let’s brainstorm other female equivalent of guy stuff! Like, what is the female equivalent of the Animal House “College” Poster?
    Clash of the Titans. Sounds like there is no reason to watch the 2010 version. What about the 1981 version? Worth watching?
    POLL: What is the movie you like the most that came out before you were born? (Add your answer to the poll below).
    What is your Covid-19 “to watch” list? That is, something you have been meaning to watch a long time but now you are actually going to watch it?

  2. Hello once again. I, your friendly neighborhood children’s horror enthusiast, am back once again, to talk to you about the season seven premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and I have to say this is, in my opinion, the best episode of the entire series: The Tale of the Silver Sight. This episode is special because it’s a three parter, and that it’s a very different story. Instead of a story told by one of the members of the midnight society, the midnight society are the characters of the story and are trying to solve a mystery involving a demonic relic. The episode also brought back the former leader of the midnight society, Gary. If you can find this episode, it’s definitely worth a watch. I will be back for the next few weeks, but next week I’ve got something much different I want to talk about. See you guys next time, and stay spooky.

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