What’s Your Favorite Movie Made BEFORE You Were Born? – Laser Time #407

Modern media distribution has brought us untold accessibility… but has it come at the cost of discoverability? Streaming, digital rentals, and On Demand tend to favor the shiny, the new, the recently licensed exclusive or remake (and so do most of us TBH) so we figured there must be something genuinely special about having a favorite movie that came out before you did. How’d you see it, why did it connect with you, and why does it still work?! We’ll tell you ours, if you’ll tell us yours!


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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Movie Made BEFORE You Were Born? – Laser Time #407

  1. My favourite movies were made in a 5 yr bubble on either side of my birth. Late 70’s-early 80’s. The Thing might be my #1, if I have to have only one.

  2. It feels like cheating, but I guess mine is Star Wars: A New Hope. As I was squeezed out right in between that and Empire.

  3. Why American Werewolf in London (1981) over The Blues Brothers (1980), though? :(. Well, that’ll be my Landis film before I was born for sure.

  4. I’m an ’82 baby. It took me a shameful amount of time to realise obviously Alien and Drunken Master are my favourite films from before my birth. It would be great to have a show that collects community responses.

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