How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Entertainment Industry – Laser Time #408

Movies, TV, video games, comics, sports and more. While not the most important things in the world right now, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into how all of that is produced and/or distributed. In this special episode, we’re going through a relatively recent list of Coronavirus-related disruptions to our entertainment consumption, and just how much of what we enjoy could be permanently changed as a result…


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2 thoughts on “How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Entertainment Industry – Laser Time #408

  1. Robert DeNiro once said when you are famous, you meet as many people in a day as normal folk meet in a year. So I makes sense to use that basketball player as a vector. Get them tested then say “if you interacted with X, quarantine yourself”.

    Also I was involved with a movie group when “Contagion” came out and they talked about how they worked with experts while.makng the movie and those experts got fi al veto power on the script. That’s who it’s super accurate

  2. In South Africa a few comedians have actually surged in popularity since the lockdown, and have grown their audience hugely by making daily update videos and having live events (people have actually been buying tickets 😵 wawu). Shit like this ( which is pretty hilarious to us but might not make sense to a US audience. The humour is in knowing people like this and how they talk (“shoh you okes must have had so much fun ey”, “epic!”). It’s like SA’s modern white trash elite 😂😂😂

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