Late to Localization – Vidjagame Apocalypse 364

In this age of games arriving rapidly from Japan, it’s easy to forget that localization used to take a long time – sometimes years. This week, Micah Seff of Perfect World joins us to take a look at games that took a decade or more to reach Western shores, after which we’ll touch on Trials of Mana, Animal Crossing smashing sales records, and whether you prefer your old games to come back as remakes or remasters.

Question of the Week: Is there a game in a series you loved that made you lose interest in the series (or just skip that game), and why?


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8 thoughts on “Late to Localization – Vidjagame Apocalypse 364

  1. It is pretty crazy to think how long localization used to take. Like something as simple/barely any text as Mario 3 taking about 2 years to get to the US and about 3 years to the UK. Although I think this was around that chip shortage too…but I digress. Or conversely, games with not even really needing localizing because it’s already in english not being released here. Like that Wario/Mario SNES game.

    1. To be fair to Mother/EB Beginnings, it’s a product of it’s time..and no real localization effort was needed for it’s Wii-U release since it was already localized years ago…whereas M3 would still need that effort. I, too want a localization of Mother 3…but sadly we’re never get it. Same with Capcom and Ace Attorney Investigations 2. You’d think with the continued success of AA digitally, they’d do a quick localization job.

  2. QotW: i think the series i loved that i fell off of was Halo. After anticipating 3 so much (enough to even buy that stupid Spartan helmet release at launch), my disappointment with 3 in addition to thinking ODST seemed lame from the trailers made me drop the series. I am going back to play the later games via Master Chief Collection now to see what I missed.
    Sidenote: glad to hear the love for Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  3. After beating Fatman in MGS2 the game crashed to an all black screen aside from a pixel art icon of a disc on the upper left corner. It looked like some sort of error or dev kit screen you might see after a crash but I had never seen anything like it. I can’t find any images of the little DVD icon on Google Image search to this day. I stared at this screen for about ten minutes sure that it was just Kojima fucking around with a meta joke like the “HIDEO” bit from the Psycho Mantis fight. At some point I realized that it wasn’t but every time I tried to reload my save it would crash at the same point. Frustration and the realization that I could legitimately confuse a game crash with the game working as intended put me off the entire series.

  4. QotW: Call of Duty. My first COD game was Modern Warfare. I had heard nothing, but great things about it. I only played the campaign, but loved it. When Modern Warfare 2 came out, my brother and I both got copies so that we could play multiplayer together and it became one of my favorite games ever. When Black Ops came out, the multiplayer didn’t feel right. At the time, I did not release that it was a different developer than MW2 (Treyarch vs Infinity Ward) But the campaign was amazing. MW3 and BlOps2 came out over the next 2 years. Modern Warfare continued to be my online multiplayer game while Black Ops was my favorite campaign mode game. Then, Ghosts came out. I rented and played Ghosts for about a week. It felt like they were addingtoo much to the loadouts and customization and extra stuff. I got confused and quit. I haven’t played a COD since.

  5. Happened twice with me and the Resident Evil series.

    After the original RE2 I found three a desperate step down in terms of content, story, suspense, and style. I think I beat it once then never touched it again.

    I played Re:Make and RE: Zero, loved four when it came out and was all set for five which just didn’t do anything new enough to keep my interest, plus had the worst combination of vulnerable, yet stupid AI that ended single player games due to no fault of my own far too often to justify putting any serious time into.

    After hearing how bloated and patchy 6 was, I dont think I even bothered until a couple of years later, picking it up in a sale for $5. I dont think I even got that value of fun from that game.

    Despite the great reviews, 7 falls under the ‘hunted by unkillable monsters in 1st person’ genre, which I never enjoyed.

    Rumours abound that 8 will follow suit, so I’ll be unlikely to play that either

  6. I never moved over to 3D Metroid, so I look back on the franchise as if it stalled out after the 90’s. I know I’m wrong, but Nintendo doesn’t make GameCube shit easy to play right now. Gimme F-Zero GX you cowards!

    So my answer is Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  7. Mega Man X! I thought X6 was a big disappointment, but I had no idea how bad it would get. X7 Took everything bad about 6, all the long pauses while you wait for enemies to stop blocking, all the wonky level design, and added in bad contra style 3D rooms to “explore” in that empty PS2 hallway kind of way. The jump to 3D was not graceful. The follow up? The god awful Mega Man X Command mission. I dropped that series harder than Capcom did.

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