Shifting Seasons – Vidjagame Apocalypse 365

We’ve now officially done as many numbered episodes of this show as there are days in a (non-leap) year, so this week, we’re looking at five games whose stories and gameplay are affected by changing seasons over (at least) an in-game year. Then it’s onward to the reveal of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, impressions of XCOM: Chimera Squad and Gears Tactics, and the games that made you give one of your favorite series a miss.

Question of the Week: Have you ever played a game over the course of a real-life year (or more)? Tell us about it.


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Seasons in the Sun as performed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.


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2 thoughts on “Shifting Seasons – Vidjagame Apocalypse 365

  1. QOTW: Life is Strange 2 should get a special mention for releasing over the course of a year and using American holidays to work into the themes of the story. The first episode takes place right before Halloween and shows the contrast between wanting to get shitfaced with your highschool friends or maybe getting an under the blanket handjob from the girl you like dressed as a sexy cat and the scariest thing of all: adult responsibilities. The second episode is Christmas themed and involves family and gift giving and depressing alcoholism. The third episode takes place around Valentines Day and it’s about companionship and getting laid for the first time and working on an illegal pot farm for dangerous criminals. You know, Valentines Day. The episode titled Faith takes place after Easter and goes in to religious themes and why they’re bullshit. Finally the last episode takes place on 4th of July weekend and it showcases the grand beauty of Southwest America’s wilderness and the most freeing thing any of us can do: running away to Mexico.

    Overall it’s an underrated game. Some people felt that the long release cycle was off-putting but I was all in the moment it allowed me to kick a Trump supporter in the teeth. Give it a try now that it takes 17 hours to complete instead of 15 months.

  2. Great episode! I got real scared at the possibility of Stardew Valley not making the list, but my faith was rewarded when it was number one.

    QOTW:. My answer is Mass Effect 2. I adored that game’s combat, and could replay that game multiple times making the same decisions, but mixing up which squadmates I brought with me. One major draw for me to boot up the game daily was the Cerberus Daily News , which showed up on a ticket in the main menu. This was an extra touch that fleshed out the world, with news about sports, politics, and even tragedies. Thanks for podcasts, they are great for my days at work, even during this pandemic.

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