The TV Finales of Boy Meets World and Jim Henson, Plus Iron Man Returns and Oscar’s Biggest Load of Bro Bait in History

May 1-7: Dabney Coleman tries to die, a horror anthology goes to the big screen, Archie’s back…or not, a rival for Napster, finales for Jackée, the other ER, cold cases, Tim and Eric, and the Salinger family, tripping out in the void, and Community gets action-packed…are you not entertained? All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “The TV Finales of Boy Meets World and Jim Henson, Plus Iron Man Returns and Oscar’s Biggest Load of Bro Bait in History

  1. With the launch of Disney+ I’ve been rewatching the Marvel movies. I didn’t care for Iron Man 2 the first time around and actually noped out of the MCU for a little while after Thor because it was all a bit underwhelming compared to Iron Man. That movie was so fresh and amazing, shifting the whole superhero movie paradigm with one mostly perfect film, that the stuff that came after it was a letdown.

    Watching it again with the perspective of someone who got back into the movies around Winter Soldier/Guardians, the movie is totally fine. It has some great moments, some funny moments, and its only sins are being a little too overstuffed and being a by the numbers sequel to a genre defining film that’d be tough to top.

  2. What are some moives where the title is the pitch? Daddy’s Dying Who’s Got the Will?

    Short Time. The story of a cop who thinks he is going to die really soon so he needs to get killed in the line of duty so his family can get the insurance money is one HELL of an elivator pitch.

    Tales from the Darkside the Movie. Odd glut of anthology horror movies.

    Jim Henson on Arsineo Hall.

    Just the Ten of Us ended without an ending. That really used to be utterly the norm. Bonnanza, arubably THE most succesful TV show of all time, never really had an ending either. Were there any sitcomes that never got a true ending that you wish would have?

    Archie to Riverdale and Back Again. I was a HUGE Archie fan when this came out and what I remember most is the promos of Betty and Veronic in lingre to show how “adult” this was.

    Billy Idol – Cradle Of Love
    What is the worst virus your computer has ever gotten? I love you Virus.
    I Dreamed of Africa. What is your favoirte film set in Africa?
    “The Life of a Catch Phrase”
    There seem to be around 27 different films based on Pinnocchio (I’m not lincluding A.I.) and AFAIK only the 1940 Disney one is any good but I haven’t seen many of the others. Does anyone want to go to bat for a single non-Disney version of Pinnocchio?
    Iron Man II was when I began to really believe that there would be an Avengers film and that this whole “shared-universe” thing was actually going to matter.
    First paitnball episode of Community. This was probaly
    What piece of media from the 2010’s was most opitmistic about the future? Make Way For Tomorrow Today.

  3. “Boy Meets World” annoyed me a ton because it got so much attention during that facebook nostalgia wave of the 2010’s. People were all like “omg a yes make a spin off, I’d totally watch”. And those same folk prolly don’t even realize Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” came and went. It made me hate the concept of nostalgia, especially in an age where we have easy access to that stuff. It’s not like in the age before streaming where it was incredibly difficult to watch visual media after it was off the air. Go watch the reruns and STFU

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