Sports Stars in Non-Sports Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 368

This week, Vidjagame Apocalypse welcomes PNB’s TL Foster for a good, long look at 5 times pro athletes starred in videogames that were more about punching monsters than playing sports. Then it’s on to swimmer-munching shark nirvana in Maneater, excitement over Paper Mario: The Origami King, and the Schwarzenegger movies you thought were overdue for game adaptations.

Question of the Week: Who’s an athlete you’d love to see star in their own non-sports game, and what would that game be about?


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5 thoughts on “Sports Stars in Non-Sports Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 368

  1. hmm…there’s Shaq Fu, that MJ in the Windy City game…wonder what the other 3 will be.

    1. interesting list…thought about the new Shaq Fu, but didn’t consider it being listed twice along with the old game. Never even heard of the other 3ish games.

  2. I had a Turbografx briefly before I got a Genesis, the only game I bought was Bonk before I traded it in. I just ordered a TG mini last night, the game selection seemed worth dropping 100 bucks. Like Mikel, the idea of playing these old games always seems more appealing than actually playing, I have NES and SNES minis, and played through Simon’s Quest and Super Metroid, but just dabbled a bit otherwise, and haven’t used them in a long time. TG has a lot of games I only ever saw in EGM, so I might try more than I did with the more familiar systems.

    1. finally got mine the other day…and it’s pretty nice. Only wish Snatcher was in english. Build wise, this actually might be my favorite, after the SNES classic. Never had a TG-16 growing up so it’s pretty cool playing it with a real TG controller over a keyboard.

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