Kevin Smith Gets Animated, Marmaduke Does the Opposite, and We Get Our Ass to Mars

May 29-June 4: Donald Trump makes his embarrassing film debut, Martin Lawrence does drag, the reality TV era begins, Russell Brand gets to the Greek, Australia is full of criminals, Total Recall is Arnold’s best movie, and Adrien Brody tampers in God’s domain. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Gets Animated, Marmaduke Does the Opposite, and We Get Our Ass to Mars

  1. Garfield Strip where it’s implied that John drank dog semen. Is this the dirtiest nationally syndicated comic of all time?
    Total Recall. Would you do a memory implant? Assume that it is safe 99,999 times out of 100,000 (so safer than going on a real life vacation). I don’t know if I would because I’d be afraid it would warp my sense of reality too much and I’d always be wondering, “Is that a fake memory too?” for the rest of my life
    Poll: What is your favorite Arnold film?
    I re-watched Total Recall and I’m going to agree with Chris that I didn’t really think of the present much / at all while watching the film. What are some other Movies About the Future that don’t make you think about the present?
    First real Seinfeld episode. Sounds pretty funny but I can honestly see why the show got off to a rough start. The humor strikes me as pretty radically different from anything else on TV in 1990 but that wouldn’t have been a big draw to 1990 audiences. I can see why it took a while to take off. Are there any shows in 2020 that you think are ahead of their time?
    Hawaiian serial killer. Generations are bit off hobby of mine and Page 2 of this seriously makes it looks that serial killer’s are overwhelmingly a baby boomer phenomenon. Not many when they were too young and not many when they were too old, but tons when they were in their prime years; I’d love to see a study on why that was the case.

    Clerks Animated Series. Is this the most “obscure” film to ever get its own animated TV show? Obviously Clerks was a hit but I’m trying to think of any other films that small that got an animated TV show.
    Asphalt Jungle. 1950. Early Marlon Monroe film. Heist job. Caper film.
    What is the best Michael Sheen film of his Tony Blair film trilogy?
    Splice. I watched this with my wife. Who, at the time, was pregnant with our first baby. I do not think I have ever picked a worst time to watch a film in my life. What is the worst TIMING for watching a movie you have ever experienced in your life? Not the worst film, just the worst time to watch that specific film?
    Get him to the Greek didn’t strike me as great, but 10 years later I can still remember a number of funny bits, so I guess it was?

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