Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – Episode 018

Capcom brings us the perfect mix of fisticuffs with gem debuffs – plus a heavy dose of chibi – with Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. What is the connection between puzzles and violence that makes us love this game so much? The hosts go down the rabbit hole of Kirsten Dunst movies (beware of spoilers), talk about hyperphantasia, and determine who would emerge victorious in Trapper Keeper v. Lisa Frank: Civil War. You want more? How about the longest arcade title, alleged murder hornets, rogue developers, Maximilian Dood, and why this isn’t quite the darkest timeline (but it’s close).



4 thoughts on “Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – Episode 018

  1. I’ve never been able to play Puzzle Fighter because of color blindness, some games have yellow, orange, and green in light shades that are too hard to tell apart quickly, seems like an easy thing to avoid while making a game, but they manage to pick difficult to differentiate color combinations in a lot of games.

  2. I freaking love PODUKEN! When I heard the Akuma quote it made me think of the 1990 Bad Religion song “Modern Man” that contains the lines “Modern man, pathetic example of earth’s organic heritage” and
    “Just a sample of carbon-based wastage” Amy who… Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. Love your podcast and had to mention a couple things about one of my favorite puzzle game that I’m horrible at: for secret character codes, you don’t have to do both the first player and second player codes; you only do the half that pertains to the which side of the machine you’re playing on. Also, the Devilot code is deliberately meant to be just like the Dan code since if you screw it up you go from a boss character to the “weakest” character.

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