A Serious Show For A Terrible Week – Vidjagame Apocalypse 370

This week’s been one of the roughest in a rough year, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to put together a normal videogame podcast as if nothing was happening. But canceling the show also felt weird, so instead, PNB‘s TL Foster joins us for a frank, lengthy discussion about police violence and race in America – after which, yes, we do bring it back to games, including Xenoblade Chronicles, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Game Gear Micro, and your favorite memories of local arcades and game shops.

Question of the Week: What’s the best Game Gear game?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne.


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15 thoughts on “A Serious Show For A Terrible Week – Vidjagame Apocalypse 370

  1. Chris trippin there’s a lot of good Game Gear games that aren’t ports. Tails Adventures comes to mind. The X-Men games, Axe Battler.

  2. my 2008 Prius always had trouble switching into Neutral, I avoided those kinds of car washed because of that, I have a 2012 model now and works much better, I think they don’t want it switching to Neutral if you accidentally bump the shifter but on those old models you could hold it over and it just wouldn’t switch to Neutral

  3. Hey guys! The best Game Gear game is Power Rangers, which is a genuinely fun beat em up in bite size fashion. The sprites are colorful and you know what everything is, the music was close enough to the show, and as a child of divorce, it was the game and system that helped me through childhood trauma. The battery life sucked, but I had a car and wall adapter, which meant I could play a hand held video game in the car when being ferried between parents. Black Lives Matter.

  4. Really powerful episode. I just got home and my girlfriend was watching more “cops Vs. protesters” videos. Got me to rage tears that this shit is still going on. Currently watching Just Mercy with the BRILLIant Michael B. Jordan. Big thanks to T.L. Foster, and the boys. Black Lives Matter

  5. My favorite game gear game was finding my game gear to steal the 4 batteries to get 2 sets for my game boy color.

  6. In the episode they talked about a list of things white people can do to help around the 35m mark, where is that?

  7. Great discussion guys. I just wanted to promote a black content creator named Radical Reggie who does a lot of import and retro game videos. Met him a couple times at the Portland Retro Gaming expo, he’s a stand up dude.

  8. Thank you for this episode.

    I am black and this week has been so painful for me. I cried many many times watching this country resist the simple request of paying attention to black lives. I cried watching teenagers get gassed and beaten up I have experienced all of the situations that lead to these deaths and I still have to deal with the gaslighting on my own experiences. On top of all of that pain, I am still expected to do my day job.

    Videogames escapism is becoming harder and harder. But listening to your podcast and validating my feelings is a step forward and means a lot to me. I am thankful for you all for not being silent about a hard topic and speaking your mind. Also, big thanks to T.L. for speaking out on multiple podcasts. To have to deal with the pain of this week and still go out and talk about them is no easy task.

    On a less heavy note, are the Jet Set Radio cops the best cops?

  9. I’m really proud of you guys for doing this episode, and grateful for Travis’s voice on this show. Btw Trav, I know from my Capcom days what it’s like to like the thing that everyone else thinks is lame, so you just shine on and keep repping Sonic & Tails. Buncha Capcom employees and somehow I was the only one who liked God Hand, Monster Hunter (for awhile, anyway), or Strider NES. ::grumble::

    Anyway, that said, I’m with Chris on the Game Gear thing. 100% of my experience playing Game Gear was at the orthodontist’s office. They put me in braces at age seven, for an underbite. All I remember was the screen being so blurry anytime there was motion that I could barely tell what was happening. Then the doc would show up, take a gross-tasting mold of my teeth, tighten my wires, and crack some adult Jewish humor to my mom (also Jewish) while I was writhing in agony. The orthodontist was an hour from home, one-way. Those were awful days, but y’know what? That’s not why I hate the Game Gear, and I know it. Because my ortho also had a Psycho Soldier cabinet, and that shit was pure fire.

  10. Man, Trav is awesome. He holds his ground even on Sonic and Tails (which is great). He brings a lot to the show every time.

    Btw, Jurassic Park is a hidden gem on the Game Gear and totally different from all the other versions. Also the already mentioned Tail’s Adventure.

  11. The best Game Gear game is Tails’ Adventure. I’ve always liked Tails more then sonic. Surprisingly Sega did something in the 90s that you’d never think of them doing today, and released a solo game for the adorable sidekick mascot. Tails wakes up to his forest home being destroyed. So to save it, he goes on a journey through caves, factories, and forests using his multitude of gadgets that he stores in his workshop. This is when I found out that Tails is a fucking bomb and tech expert, using triple bombs, mega bombs, a robot, oh and a hammer. Sonic’s friends get a bad rap, but Tails’ Adventure was a game that showcased the sidekick fox as an intellegent character who fought for a good cause.

    Now, As usual, I am also so happy that you guys covered a serious but very current topic on racism in the world. You guys talked about how there needs to be more opportunities for black people to be a part of video games and other forms of media. We need to keep in mind that people on this very podcast, and other podcasts that I have listened to, and the video game industry AND OTHER INDUSTRIES gatekeep creative industries like fucking crazy. This very podcast had an episode on writing in video games where a guy came on and said people SHOULDNT try to be a writer in video games. I’ve seen several articles of people in video game writing talking about how you should go do something else because it’s bad, but its so rewarding and I love it. But you guys keep saying we need more POCs in video games and other industries. I am a gay black guy who is striving to be a storyteller in video games and comic books but I’ve been hesitant to talk about it so often because I’m afraid people will think I make terrible life decisions. But I need to stop that. And we need to stop pushing people away from these industries that we love because we had to put up with shit like no else else has. We need to push to make entertainment and other areas in the world more diverse so they can be BETTER and less out of touch. <3 Lasertime.

  12. Chris briefly mentioned JJ Squawkers being the pre-Cuphead. I recommend playing the arcade rom of Pu-Li-Ru-La. Besides the mix of well-animated sprites that could be in the 1930s-American or 1960s-Japan pastiche (or even digitized graphics), it mashes together platformer, RPG, and beat-em-up genres. It’s a very strange, but well-regarded Taito arcade game.

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