Adam Sandler’s Avengers, Robocop Returns, and Chicken Run is Wonderful

June 19-25: Dr. Ruth goes to college, Ethan Hawke is a melancholy Dane, Jim Carrey has split personalities, Tom Cruise is a spy – but not that one, and Chris sees an R rated movie, the Tudors are deposed, and Jeff Goldblum is a looming ponytail guy. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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6 thoughts on “Adam Sandler’s Avengers, Robocop Returns, and Chicken Run is Wonderful

  1. Hey!

    Jim Carrey pee problem scene – even when the boner fades, the vas deferens are still switching over to urinary tract and it will congest, and your pee will shoot like a thumb over a hose (some people switch easy when the boner fadeds, others, take a bit of time or need the stimulus of a piss to catalyst)

    Fun thought game! The Farrelly Brothers are like the comedic whacky side of the same coin as The Cohen Brothers – – you can take the highest grossing Farrelly brother movies and reimagine them as black and white film noirs directed by the Cohens!

    Dumb & Dumber – two patsy’s with found look seek out a femme fatale while pursued by hired guns

    Another road movie – Me, Myself, and Irene is a Sheriff escorting a dame across state lines while pursued by guns but the main drama is a love triangle to which he is 2/3’s of, and one side of him is villanous

    Stuck on You – Conjoined twins get off the bus in La La land and get chewed up, tested, and separated by the system and their trials – almost a tour of the seedy underworld with themes of dead/dying Hollywood dreams like ‘Sunset Blvd.’

    —- just a fun Yin/Yang cinematic dynamic in a way!

  2. I grew up in Detroit and we got our Robocop statue. May it never topple.

    I remember my sister in law gushing over Grown Ups saying it was the next big comedy. That’s when I realized what kind of person watches these movies.

    Till Death was definitely not a good show. It got weird in the last season when they got meta. The actress playing their daughter got recast and the husband seems to be the only person who sees it so he goes to a therapy session with Mayim Bialik and other former sitcom stars. It’s really freakin odd.

  3. Manute Bol was a good shot blocker, but he wasn’t actually a very good player. Hey, he played in the NBA so Who am I to say anything, but he was fairly ineffective in most every other way; especially because at that height he barely weighed 200 lbs and was easy to push around.

  4. Pretty sure the pee scene in Me Myself and Irene is something only people with a foreskin will understand.

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