CGI: Does It Suck? – Laser Time #414

Computer… Generated… Imagery. IT’S TERRIBLE. Except when it isn’t? Which is kind of a miracle given production schedules, budgets, and a… general respect for animation. Obviously, CG can be easily taken for granted, but its ubiquity has become commonplace enough to where most people don’t even notice some of our favorite heroes, characters, backgrounds and even suits, are essentially a big budget cartoon.


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One thought on “CGI: Does It Suck? – Laser Time #414

  1. Holy crap! I actually agree with Chris Antista about something. The T-Rex from Jurassic Park (Roberta) is fucking fantastic in both CGI and giant animatronic form!

    Also, I’ve seen plenty of kids watch and love Jurassic Park, I think it objectively holds up visually with the only weakness being lack of textures on the Brachiosaurus.

    Finally, I have to be Dino-nerd here and say that it is likely that many Dinosaurs; especially smaller ones like the Velociraptor; which was actually turkey sized (the JP Raptors more closely resemble a Deinonychus or Utahraptor); did have feathers and may have even been fully covered. It’s unlikely that larger species were covered in feathers though they may have had small tufts of feathers here and there.

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