Upbeat Songs About the End of the World – Laser Time #416

The world’s having a bit of a rough go right now, so feel free to take solace wherever you can. A great place to hide from the darkness is in your favorite music, which is exactly what we’re doing in this Laser Time audio extravaganza! Come with us on a auditory journey back to not-so-long-ago when making peppy tunes about our upcoming apocalypse didn’t seem silly in the slightest, as we explore some the happiest jams celebrating The End of All Things!


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5 thoughts on “Upbeat Songs About the End of the World – Laser Time #416

  1. To Sarah’s point about the nee rap station, it doesn’t surprise me the station is 90s rap. Putting new music on the radio is difficult. Granted, it wasnt super fair in the past but now it’s like “is this person actually good? They’ve got the tiktok streams but do people actually like it or is it just a meme?”. But the one thing they know is popular and can guarantee people will listen to is shit from the past. With music from 30 years ago, we already know what people want to listen to so it’s easy to program.

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