Games of Defiance – Vidjagame Apocalypse 377

The sight of crypto-fascist stormtroopers in ominous gasmasks is enough to stir contempt within any rebellious heart, and on this week’s show, we celebrate the return of special guest Dan Amrich with a look at five games that pit you against the forces of a corrupt police state. Then it’s on to (lots of) talk about Ghost of Tsushima, Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Nintendo Direct Mini, and your thoughts on whether we still need E3.

Question of the Week: With the new consoles coming, which one’s do you think will be your media machine? Is that important to you, or do you get your non-game media elsewhere?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Super Brothers by Guitar Vader.


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6 thoughts on “Games of Defiance – Vidjagame Apocalypse 377

  1. I never buy a console at launch, but I’m more inclined to pick up the PlayStation that looks like a vagina. The only thing making me eye the Xbox is whether Hellblade 2 is exclusive, but If that’s the case I might as well future proof and procure a better PC.

  2. When I read about that paper mario thing/no more using mario characters, made me sad…I sorta see why Nintendo did it, but at the same time…why? just why?! Being able to lean on the Mario IP helped the series…I’m not too much into OK…but the new characters aer ok so far…

  3. I mean to be honest, neither. I watch most media through a roku tv, except twitch. So i guess in that case i’d have to lean towards the Xbox series X.since thats the next gen console that i’m most interested in. Have a great week guys.

  4. Remember that episode of Chappelle Show where Chapelle takes his first steps into the internet, as imagined in the form of mall clouded in dreamy fog? He gets told that he can go to the 99 cent mall kiosk to buy music or go there. The camera cuts to a storefront with a bunch of flashing neon lights fashioned in the word FREE. People are running out and pushing each other over in a panic as the flee the store carrying CDs and bags.

    I don’t care about jamming services into my gaming boxes. If they don’t cost the platform holder anything, and the deal helps the platform holders fund the platform, then why not, but I’ll ignore them.

    If it aint free, I aint doing it or rather if I can’t get it for free, I aint doing it. No torrents either, cause that’s how they git ya. BTW, I also downloaded all those Chappelle episodes back in the day. These sites were the only ones serving me all five seasons of Fraggle Rock back then before the DVD releases. Come on for pirate sites! YAR!

  5. I guess I’m an outlier because I buy video games consoles to play video games. Media streaming apps and services have absolutely no relevance to me at all. If I could I would buy a non-“smart” TV because the media interfaces are extremely slow and clunky. I do all my media streaming services through an Apple TV and it works great.

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