The Absolute Last Jim Henson Movie, a Fake Movie Made Real, and Guy Ritchie’s Naughtiest Title

Aug. 28-Sept. 3: Anjelica Huston traumatizes children, Charlie and Emilio are garbage, the better Ferris Bueller TV show, Donal Logue is a stud, Stephen Dorff is a cinema terrorist, George Clooney mopes around Italy, Machete don’t text, LL Cool J will knock you out, and Brad Pitt wants a new caravan for his mom. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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One thought on “The Absolute Last Jim Henson Movie, a Fake Movie Made Real, and Guy Ritchie’s Naughtiest Title

  1. The Witches. Which is better, the remake or the original?

    What 90s TV show had the most 90s fashion on it?

    Parker Lewis Can’t Lose vs Ferris Bueller tv show. This is the first time I remember a TV show (or a film) competing against another film. When is the first time you remember two media shows/films going after the exact same idea?

    Mama said knock you out. Any other songs where the mother is the one encouraging violence?

    Doc Martin being a spinoff of Saving Grace that way overshadowed the original. What are some other spinoffs that dwarf their predecessors?

    2000. Bugs Bunny and Tweetie show ends after 40 years. I feel that we may be approaching the end of Bugs and friends as living pop cultural entities. The cartoons themselves are often 70 years old at this point and in the age of streaming I’m not seeing them passed along to the next generation the way that Ramblin Rod (or whoever your local equivalent of a guy who hosted a cartoon show in the morning for kids by playing old cartoons the station could get for cheap was) did for my generation when they were “only” 40 years old.

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