Playing As Our Toys – Vidjagame Apocalypse 382


Weeks like this are enough to make anyone want to retreat into childhood nostalgia – and we’ve delivered a chance to do exactly that, as Greg Moore joins us to talk about five games that let us play as toys from our childhoods. Then we’ll talk Battletoads, confuse Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad, and hear your confessions about the dumbest things you’ve ordered during the pandemic.

Question of the Week: What’s a classic toy line that deserves its own videogame?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Hot Wheels by Mike Curb and the Curbstones.


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7 thoughts on “Playing As Our Toys – Vidjagame Apocalypse 382

  1. QotW: Two classic toy lines that deserves their own games (and I’m surprised it didn’t get any) were C.O.P.S. and Bots Master. Both also had cartoons, but no games. The games would’ve probably been generic run and guns/platformers…but if James Bond Jr. can get a shitty game, C.O.P.S./Bots Master should’ve too, damn it.

  2. Question of the Week: Same answer as Chris and Mikel, I’m surprised that after all this time, outside of some free to play smartphone games and DLC for Toy Solders, that there has never been a major video game based on He-man and the Masters of the Universe. I think the characters and the setting of that show would really work well in a game similar to Darksiders or Horizon: Zero Dawn. You could defend Castle Grey Skull, explore Snake Mountain and ride Battle Cat around Eternia while battling your way through Skeletor’s ridiculous minions. Imagine having boss battles with guys like Trap Jaw, Beast Man and Tri-Klops. And if you ever get in trouble you can call in help from Man-at Arms, Tela and Orko. Also the developers would have to have a post credits scene of He-man giving one of those PSA messages he gave at the end of every episode of the cartoon, telling us not take drugs and be wary of strangers.

  3. QOTW: POGS!!! In VR form. Imagine the possibilities. Collecting all different designs. Alf pogs, dinosaur pogs, tiny toons pogs. Imagine a single player campaign where you start out as a rookie in the local comic/game shop. You go on to build your collection of pogs and slammers. As you build your reputation you unlock new venues to play in like the school lunchroom, the local rec center and the seedy back alleys. Eventually you can earn an invitation to join the World Pog League where you can play for title of 1996 Pog World Champion. Did I mention the customizable slammers!!!

    Anyway thank you guys for all you do and take care.

  4. QOTW: Visionaries would make a really cool weapon based fighting game.

    For those unfamiliar with the premise, its set in a world where technology has died and magic is starting to make a return to a feudal society. Heroes on the sides of good and evil have been granted the power of animal totems from bears and lions to more fantastica creatures like giant mosts or drakes and special super attacks from their banners. In the toys this supplied by the wonderful magic of 3d holograms on the characters chests.. a technology second only in bewildering wizardy to global hyper colour t-shirts.

    Even from that basic premise you have character specials, super attacks and enough bearded men with incredibly impractical weapons to make your dreams of.. or if you really wanted to do a remake of Bloody Roar but couldn’t afford the licence, this might be a cheaper option…

  5. QOTW I want to play an action man game but its just about a kid discovering his sexuality as he undresses his beefy doll man.

  6. Just wanted to share a little toy car info in that the Matchbox/Hot Wheels thing is a real Hydrox/Oreos-type situation.

    Matchbox cars were actually first and were around for, like, 10 years before Mattel started putting out Hot Wheels. But eventually Hot Wheels became more popular, and in the 90s, Mattel actually bought Matchbox and now it owns both brands(a Transformers/Gobots-type situation).

    The two lines are still going, and it mostly seems like the Hot Wheels brand is more for made up cars and wacky licensed vehicles, while the Matchbox line is more about representing real cars that exist in the real world.

  7. I’d like to point out the third Toy Soldiers game, Toy Soldiers War Chest, got He Man and GI Joe DLC which apparently was very true to the original toys. I adored the first two TC games, by Signal Studios, but never played the third instalment (Ubisoft got their claws into them…) and by all accounts it was lacklustre compared to the first two. The first two games were a wonderful blend of modelling diorama and either old-fashion-lead or rad-80s-plastic toy soldiers. Really excellent tower defence games incorporating physics, ballistics and player controllable towers and vehicles which made excellent use of their historical settings. Excited for the announcement they’re remastering the original game, and a WW2 game is being made!

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