Princess Leia Pens Her First Movie, Emma Stone Earns an Easy A, and Other Celebrities Sing Duets

Sept. 11-17: Sean Penn is a gangster, Clint Eastwood hunts elephants, Capt. Planet uses the power of heart, a new generation of Looney Tunes, Huey Lewis is a karaoke hustler, Cribs goes behind the scenes, Ben Affleck goes to town, and we learn that In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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5 thoughts on “Princess Leia Pens Her First Movie, Emma Stone Earns an Easy A, and Other Celebrities Sing Duets

  1. On the subject of Barenaked Ladies defenders, I’ve only met one, and he’s the angriest guy I know. A puzzle for the ages.

  2. Think I’ve said it before but Sarah has been a great addition to the show. Her jokes/puns lately have been great and I was glad to hear her talk about Cougar Town. Rewatched it recently as it arrived on Prime.

    And I can feel for Chris, I once reviewed a Mario game 8 and the amount of vitriol was ridiculous.

  3. White Hunter Black Heart is a film about the making of a movie (The African Queen) that I watched before I saw the film it was about making (AQ is great, recommended). The only other films I’ve done that with are; Heart of Darkness before watching Apocalypse Now and Lost Soul which I saw before Island of Doctor Moreau. Have you ever seen a film about a film before watching that film?

    Postcards from the Edge. I watched it for the first time and wished it had been more about recovery than it was about gossip. I love that in her 2013 autobiography, Unsinkable, Reynolds noted that the producer told her, “You’re not right for the part.” And that was for the role that was clearly playing her.

    Bill and Ted cartoon show. I remember really wanting to like this but also feeling like I was getting too old for cartoons like this. I’m not 100% sure but it’s possible that 1990 was when Saturday Morning Cartoons and I began to part our ways.
    At what age did you stop watching Saturday Morning Cartoons? (Note; not cartoons in general, just specifically stopped watching Saturday Morning Cartoons).

    While Bill and Ted’s cartoon made me think I was getting too old for cartoons, Tiny Tunes Adventurers said to me, “THE FUCK YOU ARE!” I loved this show and I loved the frantic pace of it. I think that TV cartoons radically changed from 1989 to 1994 more than it has in any five year period before or since. In 1988 I don’t think there is a single cartoon tv show released that is worth watching in 2020 ( ) But the five year period from 1989 to 1994 saw the introduction of The Simpsons, Tiny Tunes Adventures, Batman The Animated Series, Animaniacs,and Gargoyles which I do think can all be enjoyed in 2020 even without nostalgia goggles. I think you can trace modern TV animation to that five year period far more than you can to the twenty five years before it. I wonder what it was about 1989-1994 that made it such an explosive growth period for TV animation?

    What is the trippiest experience you have ever had while 100% sober? For me it’s tied to Little Nemo the Capcom game. I owned this game and must have beat it at least seven or eight times. I thought the graphics were literally the best I had ever seen (outside of an arcade) and I loved thinking about the world of the game. BUT! I had no idea that it was based on an anime film. At all. To me it was a game and only a game until this year when I watched the Little Nemo anime and that was the TRIPPIEST experience I have ever had while completely sober. So many weird things that I had seen time after time in my childhood with zero context suddenly had context. But it was context on a memory of a memory of a memory as I had not replayed the game in probably 25 or more years. And for some reason that new information that rewrote a memory of a memory felt deeply weird in a way nothing has before or since. I don’t know how else to describe it other than “trippy” but again I was completely sober. Have you ever had something like that?

    Cribs. I have never seen a single frame of Cribs but could I get everything I could ever want from the entire run of the show in this one super cut?

    Randy Quaid saga. I had never heard of this until just this moment and I wondered why for a split second before I remembered, “Oh yea, I was a little busy with the BIRTH OF MY FIRST CHILD!” You know, little stuff like that can cause you to miss out on things. I am really really curious what the next year will be like listening to the 2010-2011 segment of #thirtytwentyten will be like for me as I remember the first year of being a parent as just this pop cultural dead zone for me. Also, one of the things I like about the show is remember the different types of person I was in the various segments. When the show first started I was a kid during the 80’s segment, a college student during the 90’s segment, and a young single guy during the 2000’s segment. As the show has aged and my past selves has aged with it, it’s been really great thinking about how my kid self evolved into adolescence, my college self into young adulthood,and my single guy isn’t a married guy. But from now on, for the final segment of the show I’m going to think back to being a married guy with kids during it and … I”m still a married guy with kids. Yea, I’m a father of older kids now but still a father and still kind of in the same phase of life today that I was ten years ago, and that hasn’t been true to listening to the show before.

    Devil. This is the only scene from Devil anyone needs to watch:

  4. This episode won’t download 😞
    Have tried three days in a row – no good. Other episodes work. Is this happening for anyone else?

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