Games Left Out of Compilations – Vidjagame Apocalypse 384


Everything we wanted to know about the new Xboxes – price, launch date, existence of the rumored Series S, etc. – has been revealed, but we’re a little distracted by a certain limited-edition compilation with one glaring omission. So distracted that we’re doing a whole Top 5 about games that mysteriously failed to make the cut when it came time to bundle and remaster their series, after which we’ll get to the Xbox news as well as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, the comics you’d want to turn into games, and much more.

Question of the Week: Have the Xbox announcements changed your opinion or plans for getting (or not getting) a next-gen console?


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8 thoughts on “Games Left Out of Compilations – Vidjagame Apocalypse 384

    1. You’re half right Chris…All Stars for the Wii was a limited time first…then they realized how stupid that was and re-released it as a nintendo select, which is probably the version you bought.

      and the digital scarcity isn’t new either…Nintendo did it twice w/ 4 Swords for the DSi….both times were for zelda promo/anniversaries.

      1. Piggy backing to say they were half right with the comment about Batman Origins too. But it was Knight not origins that had a huge rush of Refunds with steam. That game was a broken mess and WB themselves were offering full refunds no matter how long you had the game at that time.

  1. QotW: the Xbox news really didn’t really change my mind. I still plan to get the new system some time next year. It just lets me know I have to save less for series X.

  2. QOTW: Honestly yes, it did. I am really tempted by the 25 a month for the Series S. I already pay for Game pass anyways and the size the console looks perfect being their smallest xbox yet. I don’t need the power of the X because I already have my PC for that, but the features with the Series S like quicker menus and switching between games honestly makes it worth replacing my XBOX One S.

  3. Normally I stick to Nintendo and Sony products, but the Series X appeals to me because of the price, Microsoft locking down Phantasy Star and the great selection of fighting games in the back catalogue.

  4. QOTW: The Xbox pricing news is great to hear, as 500 was my limit for a new console, though with the delay of Halo and not much else coming out exclusively for the system on launch day, I think my plan right now is to buy one of the new graphics cards Nvidia announced a couple of weeks ago. I will certainly get more use out of the upgraded graphics card (MSFS2020 and Cyberpunk), but once Halo drops, I will be ready to grab an Xbox.

  5. This weeks topic is actually making me think of another top 5 that relates to this weeks Ubi Forward conference. With the announcement of the Scott Pilgrim re-release finally happening a decade after the initial drop, what are the top games left that fans want a re-release of but the games are in some sort of no release purgatory. Why did Square-Enix re-release all the other Star Ocean games EXCEPT 2nd Story? You know, the one that everyone wants? With all the paper mario fans complaining that Origami King isn’t TTD, how about, I dunno, re-releasing TTD on Switch? We just now got Persona 4 Golden on PC, what about us console plebs? Sometimes it seems like these publishers hate their fans. Its like Vince McMahon is running them or something.

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